Status and notifications

Status and notifications

Status icons

Here’s what each icon means:

Connected to a Wi-Fi network
Battery is full
Battery is charging
Battery is low (20% remaining)
Battery is very low (10% or less remaining)
Bluetooth is on
Connected to a Bluetooth device
Airplane mode
Wired microphone headset connected
Wired headset connected

Notification icons

Notification icons on the status bar make it easy for you to keep on top of your messages, calendar events, and alarms.

Here are some examples:

New Gmail message
New Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or POP3/IMAP email
New Google Talk instant message
Upcoming event
Matched contacts suggestion
HTC Flyer software update available
Song is playing
General notification
HTC Flyer is connected to a computer via USB cable
Wi-Fi is on and wireless networks are available
Uploading data (animated)
Downloading data (animated)
Waiting to upload
Tip: Not sure what the notification icon on the status bar means? You can tap the icon to see a balloon tip.

Notification LED

The notification LED shows a:
  • Solid green light when HTC Flyer is connected to the power adapter or a computer and the battery is fully charged.
  • Flashing green light when you have a pending notification.
  • Solid orange light when the battery is being charged.
  • Flashing orange light when the battery level reaches very low.
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