Notifications panel
Stay on top of things – just slide open your Notifications panel

Notifications panel

When you get a new notification, you can open the Notifications panel to see the message, reminder or event notification. The Notifications panel also lets you switch between recently-opened apps as quickly as possible.
To open the Notifications panel, press and hold the status bar, then slide your finger downward.

If you have several notifications, you can scroll down the screen to see them all.

Tip: You can also open the Notifications panel on the Home screen by pressing MENU and then tapping Notifications.

Switching between recently opened apps

On the Notifications panel, you can easily access up to eight apps you just recently opened.

  1. Press and hold the status bar, then slide your finger downward to open the Notifications panel.
  2. In the Recent apps section, slide your finger left or right to see recently-opened apps.
  3. Tap an app to open it.
Tip: Press and hold HOME to view recently used apps.

Closing the Notifications panel

Press and hold the bottom bar of the Notifications panel, then slide your finger up the screen. Or just press BACK.
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