Checking your Mail inbox

Checking your Mail inbox

From the Home screen, tap > Mail. Your email inbox is displayed.
Switch to a different email account or add a new email account.
Number of unread email messages.
Tap any of the tabs to filter your received messages.


Displays email messages as individual items.


Displays messages as conversations, grouped according to the subject line. Tap a subject in the list to show the email conversation.

VIP group

Displays messages from contacts in your VIP group. To add contacts to the VIP group from this tab, tap Add contact to group, select the contacts you want to add, and then tap Save.


Displays unread messages.


Displays all flagged messages. (Exchange ActiveSync only.)

Meeting invitations

Displays meeting invitations which you have not yet accepted or declined. (Exchange ActiveSync only.)


Displays all messages that have attachments.

Refreshing an email account

Whatever your automatic synchronization settings are, you can also synchronize your sent and received emails manually at any time.
While in the account you want to synchronize, press MENU, and then tap Refresh.

Sorting email messages

You can sort email messages by date received, priority, subject, sender, or size.
On the email account inbox, press MENU, tap Sort, and select from the sorting options.
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