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Windows Phone 8X by HTC Reviews

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Hampshire, UK

Absolutely Fantastic

What I believe to be the best looking smartphone ever made, everything works wonderfully. The windows 8 platform is pretty identical on all devices, but what makes this so brilliant is the cameras, markedly the wide-angle front, and the sound quality which is unquestionably one of the best on the market.

South Africa

I hate the HTC x8

The Htcx8 is the worst HTC I have ever owned and I am a huge HTC fan. All my cellphones have been htc's and I even own an HTC tablet. I really hate this phone particularly the windows 8 operating system on it. I cannot begin to describe the intense loathing I have for the combination of windows 8 and HTC. Everything that made me fall in love with HTC is completely nonexistent in this phone.

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Great Phone except for two things

I have this phone over a year now. The battery is not holding a full day charge I'm looking for a charger about 3-4pm. I use the heck out of my phone. The short comings are the battery can not be changed unless the phone is ripped open. Also it does not take a MicroSD card which makes a difference when you start using the camera which takes good pictures. lf the battery would have been replaceable and a SD slot added the phone would have been awesome. I give it big props for the sound with headphones and the camera quality. For the price if you are not phone animal like me it's a great phone.


Where is Update window 8.1?

i buy this product last year working great but no update for window 8.1 Why?

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Where is Update window 8.1 ?????

i buy this product last year working great but no update for window 8.1 yyyyyyyyyy ??????

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

I have been using since 1 year, i love the camera quality,size and build quality of this phone.feel premium

It is excellent phone with all feature.Price is very attractive...

Baton Rouge

Good...but not enough support

I have been using this phone for a year and wanted to wait a bit before posting up. I switched from Android to Windows and am very happy with the switch. The phone itself is durable, responsive, has a clear screen, and overall works as I hoped. I wish I could give this phone a better review however there is a couple of flaws that I can't overlook. The camera in this phone is average at best and it is often difficult to take a good picture. This is not as big of an issue for me considering this is not the primary function of the phone and I usually bring a camera with me to events anyway. However, the biggest issue is the lack of support from HTC in updating the phone. The latest update from Microsoft has been out for some time now and Nokia phones have had the updates pushed to them for about a month without any word from HTC regarding a time frame. Even the lowest line of HTC Windows phones have the update and are taking advantage of the new features and I am left feeling like I am "out of the loop". Due to

California, USA

Great Phone

Great phone but has lots of issues first of all the phone will die out of the blue and totally stop working for a day or 6 also the sim card slot is defective and the app store is bad but it makes up for this with a great no AMAZING easy to use innovative, intuitive, operating system that is so great and and fun to use it is really great for work and it comes with one note the best notes app since google drive very clean very cool

California, USA

Good at first glance, but manufacturing problems rampant.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X caught my eye last year in comparison to the rest, and the new Windows 8 OS was different and seemed like a step into the next generation of phones. For the first couple months or so it was great, but after about 4 months the problems started, then I looked at some more reviews after it has been released for a while and found I wasn't the only one. The phone OS design is great, and the battery life was exceptional. The apps, or lack of them, was a problem I could get over since it was a fairly new app store. However, since it has been well over 2 years and have yet to see much of an improvement, I can only assume there is little to no effort going into this feature, and have essentially given up hope in getting many of the apps that many of my friends and family use. The real problems however, are in the hardware itself. The SIM card tray was manufactured in such a way that the card isn't held in a single position, causing it to become dislodged and either essentially rendering the ph

Edmonton, AB, Canada

One category is missing

If you look at my ratings you may wonder why I would not recommend this phone. There is one category that they are missing and that is "Dependability". We had two of these phone on our family plan and both of them failed shortly after they were out of warranty. Search for "HCT 8X boot loop" and you will get a feel for how many others are having the same issue. Unless you like an expensive paper weight don't buy this phone.