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please update it to 4.3

nice phone, but 4.0 is not connected to smart watch and other bluetooth device. plz update this 4.3.

Benni Harry

camera unable to start...

First of all battery cant spend a hour. Camera unables to start. Performs good but have a lot of problems with this smartphn.


Defective products over and over

I thought I liked HTC products. I went from the HTC Desire to the HTC One X in May 2013. Shortly after acquiring it, I would get an error message that the SIM card could not be read, which meant I had to power the phone off then on. This got more frequent over time. It started happening during phone calls. I got a warranty replacement, which I was told was a brand new phone in January 2014. In August this phone totally died and can't be charged. Apparently from reading other reviewers, HTC often replaces a defective phone with a defective phone. Then they won't replace the second defective phone. This seems like a very sure plan to lose customers.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Good Phone. It will Will Very Good If It Gets Android Above 4.2

Good Phone Indeed, But It will Be Better If it Gets Updated to Android Above 4.2. HTC Should Consider This And Work On This.


Like the Phone, Don't Like HTC

This is my first smartphone and I have to say I'm fairly happy with it. It can run most of the apps that I want to run, and doesn't lag too badly. I'm not crazy about the stock text messanging app, but haven't (yet) found a really good replacement. It has done a weird thing where, intermittently, it will tell me that there is no SIM card in the phone when there is. I pop it out and replace it and that fixes it. But while it thinks that that the SIM isn't there I can receive calls or text messages or--if I'm on 4G--emails. It's dropped a few calls when it decides that it has no SIM card, but I've found "sorry, my phone did something weird" when I call them back is sufficient. My main complaint is with HTC. I bought my phone less than two years ago when it was still a (fairly) new product. But there hasn't been a KitKat update, and, from what I understand, there won't be. It seems sort of ridiculous to abandon a product just two years after you release it. In short: despite a couple of kinks, I really like m


Love Running Out

Not quite two years into a love hate relationship with the One X. Love the Android platform, and the camera is the best I have ever had. people always commenting on how great my photos are. After having a replacement phone sent to me within first month of use due to a power off issue, the phone has been great except for the BATTERY.. Battery is my biggest complaint, can't replace it and the thing needs charging every day now. Especially if using the camera for any amount of time, battery won't last for a whole day out and about anymore. Brutal!! Going to try the Samsung, at least I can have an extra battery kicking around to be sure I have camera function for an entire day while travelling. I used to tell people I would get another HTC, but the fact that I cannot get new battery when nothing else is wrong with the phone is a deal breaker. I would recommend not getting this phone because you cannot replace the battery.


Pathetic Phone

Pathetic phone, heats up a lot, hangs a lot. at times the performance of the phone goes below par. inconsistent phone.


please update it to new android

this smart phone is good but there was 2 problem in this phone: 1.buttery is so weak, i recharged it every day 2,when every one use the android 4.4 this is yet on android 4.1 , if this problem fixed it will be best


Wish I Had A Different Phone

I've had my HTC One X for almost 2 years now, and it's been rough. My HOX is probably the worst phone I've ever had. The screen blacks out and doesn't turn back on, the WiFi only connects when it feels like it (and when the WiFi works, the 4G LTE doesn't), the camera is really not that great, it lags a lot (even when it was new), crashes my apps, and doesn't have that much storage for pictures and apps. I thought this phone would be great, but it's not, and in my opinion, Samsung phones were so much better. It's safe to say that I will not ever get another HTC product after this one.

Sri Lanka

Best Smartphone I've Ever Got

It's a cool and really smart mobile phone... Low weight and easy to use... It gives awesome performance with a Quad Core processor... And more than the camera is the best part of the One X... Really love u buddy... But there is a small problem with the Wifi connection... But it's not a big deal to me... #LoveYouHTC