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frame is its temp

Pitty, the poor frame is not holding parts of mobile together. At shop was difficult to find one holding parts up and down the display streight . Some corner was everytime up or sharp out of its line. And after short zime of using even with cover and folie it become broken cca 20 times all over the plastic body and frame. Im surprisrd every day its still holding... big wrong


great at first

I got this phone and loved it for about a month, then is started not putting messages through even though the phone indicated they had sent. I told myself it was still better than an iPhone and that this was just a small glitch that I could deal with by just sending things twice. Not even a year later and the phone is now so slow it struggles with everything from loading images in its own library to switching signal types (i.e. going from E to 4g it drops calls because it takes it 60 seconds to start working again every time it switches). I bought this phone for three reasons: resilience, camera, and Boomsound/beats audio. resilience: cracks in the plastic everywhere, fails to read sim card periodically and camera is broken after only a few small drops. Camera: as stated before, worked fine until one day I dropped it literally two feet (with an otter box) and now it just makes an awful buzzing and the rear camera won't focus, have to use the face camera for everything. Boomsound/beats audio: speakers worked g


plasstic cover crack

I dont recommend this phone as a) Within a year, the plastic on this phone cracked. this is inspite of having a protective case. b) sound quality isnt good (when using a speaker or headset) c) frequent crashes


Drops calls, corrupts settings at random, often will not connect calls

Drops calls every day, where ever I am. Often will not allow me to answer calls! Virtually every setting has been corrupted more than once. All of a sudden settings are completely altered e.g keyboard for text disappears, language alters, volume alters, saved numbers get blocked. Very, very disappointing, I cannot wait to get rid of it.


bad quality

I used it for 2 days and it got cracks... After one week one of these cracks was larger and now phone can't use SIM card, I got no mobile data and I can't receive sms and calls, I think that it is because of these cracks. I feel so bad for that... I can just hope that I will got new phone from my guaranty service in Latvia as fast as possible... I just need prove that this isn't my fault but this HTC one mini problem.


nice phone

I am using this phone from last one year with no issues, proceesor very good.. i recommend this product, I buy it for its camera, which i am truly satisfied but slightly overpriced phone as no expandable memore n internal only 16 gigs... but quality wise its a very good phone..

Worcestershire, UK

Dropping calls

Now on my third handset in less than two months from carphone warehouse. Phone keeps dropping calls and then wont allow redial, there are no reported network issues in my area. Handset number 2 lasted 16 days before another replacement was on its way. If its third time unlucky I shall be switching brands. Dissapointed Ive had a few HtC phones...

Denpasar, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Crack Phone

My htc one mini has crack on its plastic bezel and I think it will happening on all htc one mini. What a brittle plastic-metal phone

Oklahoma, USA

Amazing phone

this phone is an amazing phone. it is a great phone and i will always go with HTC all the time. i recomend it great phone.


Going back to iPhone

I switched to this phone when it was released last year as I was sick of iPhones and was excited to go to something different. I'm now planning on going back to the iPhone as this OS has far too many bugs and usability issues and functionality that is standard on other phones is missing here. I was drawn to the home screen design that was black with contrasting images from the news feed, it has since been changed with an update to something ugly and cheap looking that has always put me off the Samsung brand. I also found the screen very sensitive i.e. if I'm on the phone with someone the screen switches back on and mute/speaker buttons get pressed from my cheek. This is really annoying as it happens all the time. Another update also removed the SMS display when the phone is locked which is also very annoying. I did like that the phone is pretty resilient though, as nice as the glass look is on iPhones it's just not practical.