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HTC One (M8) Reviews

Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 219 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by This phone is really beautiful This phone is really beautiful, the quality and design speak for itself. The UI and hardware is simply perfect apart from back camera July 8, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by the best thing that passed through my hands After a few months using the HTC One M8, I have a very good opinion about the phone and I want to share it with you. The camera is the best I've seen. The light filled ultrapíxeles collect any dark light photography. And without flash. In fact I've hardly used the flash with the M8. I do not need. This new M8 incorporates on-camera features for editing photos that do that are more fun and you can even get a very professional effect, all thanks to dual rear camera. And Zoe function allows you to record videos and take photos at once. It also has a front camera for self-portraits, or as they say now, selfies, and captures much more field of view to have a broader perspective, along with a resolution of 5 Mp. I love this option. The sound of the new M8 is wonderful. Boomsound it is certainly a whole Boom. One used to have a HTC max, who also had Boomsound, but now the M8 has improved, with 20% more volume. And thanks to the front speakers the music does not lose any quality when played. The processor that brings the M8 is amazing. The response speed of the screen is amazing. Not sure how fast it goes until you try and you compare any previous model of any company. The phone uses a familiar interface of HTC. But this time is the Sense 6. A revolution. I especially love the idea they have had in relation to the way of reading news. I speak of BlinkFeed. An easy way to read headlines of everything that interests you. Is a reader but built into the phone. The battery is pretty tight, although it is true that much use giving you might not come up with a reasonable use has no problem enduring more than 24 hours. I'm one of those who use it a lot, it does not reach me 24 hours, but I hold all day, a good 17 to 18 hours. It also has the Sense 6 a mode energy saving tip that allows you to continue being able to use the phone to call and send and receive sms and little else. Ie not stay in solitary confinement. And there is good, with 4% of battery, thus saving allows you to have about 6 or 7 hours of battery. Last one. SmartTV function confess I do not use it much, since I have no new TV. I'm still with the Sony Trinitron 26' and I'm delighted. But I tried it, and my surprise was that I could use as a remote control to the TV, and if configured with digital channels, could even have a guide channels and programs that were broadcasting at this time, and the next. An entire TV magazine in my hand, and updated at all times. Another thing that attracts me to this model M8 is that it works like a FitBit device, without the need for an external device to collect data. He himself collected. There is only one thing that does not, and is doing a sleep study :) I use it every day to see how many miles I have walked, how many calories you've burned, and I even have a meal plan I entered on the phone, and so I see what I've spent on the day and how many calories you've burned. A great success the agreement reached between HTC and FitBit. Everything I've said so far has been referred to the internal features of the phone, but he would not finish the review without talking about the design of the M8. With a body 90% metal HTC phone has got a beautiful, light and manageable, and that having a screen 5' I think it is the right size. In short, a phone that you have to take a look, and if you have doubts, do not you think it's worth. HTC, you rock! July 8, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by An all around great phone! I've had this phone for some time now and it's been able to take all of the multi-tasking I do, which says a lot. This is one powerful device! Everything from the camera to the sound to the display feels and sounds good. The build feels like a premium device and so far it's looking like it did one day one. The battery life is just as good as many of the top phones on the market. Also, the fact that HTC is keeping this phone updated and protected with the HTC advantage program is a good plus for this phone. I'm loving this phone so far......definitely recommend it! July 7, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by astonished I had been reluctant to switch from a Nexus device but the build quality, battery life, sound and expandable memory pulled me in. First and foremost this is a phone that I rely on for work. Call quality on both the handset and speakerphone is superb. The audio experience is second to none, the boomsound speakers make media consumption incredible. Gaming and videos are much more immersive and enjoyable. In addition there is a heap of power in the headphone jack and it drives my MDR 7506s with ease, sound quality is as good as any source I have run them off. Any set of cans or buds will sound noticeably better on this. The expandable memory is also a giant plus. It's really nice to not be concerned at all about memory with the card taking the weight off the internal memory (being a nexus user this had been frustrating for some time now). While the camera does not have the greatest image quality, it does suffice for what I expect out of a phone. The best camera is the one you have with you. This boots up fast, has a really quick shutter compared to what I am used to, and the zoe camera is a very handy setting for action shooting. The battery life is simply out of this world. I can run this through standard use all day and not have any concern about running out of power. I have yet to run the phone down in a day and the new normal is not being worried about plugging in or blacking out, a very unfamiliar feeling of confidence. I have never kept my phone in a case or kept a screen protector. The aluminum body on this phone will get scratched up quickly as I noticed on my first day of use. The dot view case is on any time I leave home now and is very handy as it maintains the main functions of the phone while providing an adequate amount of protection against scratches. I have no regrets about signing a contract and having to deal with this device for the next two years. I would recommend this phone to anyone in the market for a new device. Anyone I've shown it to have been very impressed. July 7, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not happy I got this phone and within a month the screen started playing up, shaking, vibrating, freezing and jumping between apps and opening internet tabs all by itself, the phone continued to do this for hours and I couldn't use it at all. I took it back to the shop and was told I can't exchange as its over the 30 days, so I had to send it away for repair!! After arguing this and being told I cannot have an exchange I reluctantly sent it away for repair. It has come back but still not right the home screen doesn't let me swipe down when I want to open the icons for notifications and when i'm using apps the top part of the screen doesn't seem to respond, for example on facebook I cant open my messages as the icon is at the top of the screen. I am extremely disappointed to be honest and will be back in contact to try and get this resolved again. I feel a phone that is this new and supposed to the one of the best should not be letting me down like this especially after such a short while after purchase. I think it was probably faulty before I purchased it. I certainly won't be recommending this phone t anyone. July 6, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by The best among the rest! HTC One M8 is truly the best phone I've ever tested, tried and used! It remarkable changed my perception that a 90% metal can be achieved in perfection! The camera(UltraPixel) is beyond compare because it catches 300% more light so the beauty of the night shines without using the flash! The DuoCamera system is truly magnificent because it can gather more depth information so that you can really play well with your photos! The BoomSound is truly the best! Yeah, The best! the sound it produce is truly amazing. real, true and nice! The Battery is a monster! it can literally go up to 2 days with normal use! How cool is that? if you more juice, just turn on the extreme power saving mode and you're good to go! The 90% metal body is top notch! the best hardware ever! July 5, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazingly beautiful phone This phone is really beautiful, the quality and design speak for itself. The UI and hardware is simply perfect apart from back camera. The camera is really good but the pictures are not that sharp, but apart from that this phone is probably the best phone. July 4, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by M7 was wouw but M8 is wouuuuW :D Really nice, fast clean and stable phone also it is very simply to use. July 4, 2014
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