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We need more features

First of all, I gotta say that I love the HTC One M8. It is definitely the best phone I ever bought so far. Among all the great features the phone has, I think yall could add some more. Like being able to draw on pictures before sending them, draw on home screen or being able to increase or decrease the volume using the earphones and way more. The competition in the cellphone industry is getting fierce. HTC needs to come up with new features like the LG


Update disappointment

Overall I love my HTC! I am very upset and disappointed with the recent update. Everything moves much slower including charging the phone. However what does not moves slow is the amount of time it takes for my battery to run out. This never happened before. I am not doing anything now that I was not doing prior to the update, however my battery is running out at a more rapid pace. I AM NOT PLEASED. Change should improve not impede.

Gina Lo

HTC One M8 disappoints me

Maybe it's because I have the T-Mobile HTC One M8 but this phone is not great. The screen is way too sensitive. It responds to anything that touches it. Head phones, pocket... It should only respond to the touch of my finger... The processor is extremely slow although the last update did help a little. All notifications appear in the lock screen even though the option is turned off. If yu can't understand this review, just do not buy this phone... The camera is the ONLY good thing.


Awful phone - Camera takes unusable photos

Had my phone (HTC One) just over a year and the camera developed the famous purple tint. Now can't take any photos day or night. Will never buy HTC again or recommend them. (Also they don't allow zero starts on review so subtract 20% from the overall score above to get what people really think).

Evan Fryatt

Terrible upadte from feb.10

Very irritating!!! Everything is slow on my phone now since the update. Words can't keep up when I text. It takes 2 minutes to send EVERY message. Ridiculously laggy. I sincerely hope this is fixed asap. I thought updates were supposed to change for the better? Definitely lost value for this phone now.

Jake Saville

The best phone i own

Its graet

HTC One Mate

Quality phone

After having other smartphones, I decided to try a HTC One M8 this time round, and I have not been disappointed! Whilst the camera doesnt have as many MP as others on the market, I am super impressed at the clarity and the functionality, especially the 'Zoe' video/picture function and the speed of of taking clear pictures. Whilst I found the size quite daunting at first; I couldnt do with a smaller phone now. The screen is a great size and the image quality is amazing. Whilst I find the gun metal casing unique and stylish, it can be quite slippery in my hands so I have chosen to protect my phone with phone armour. I LOVE how easy it is to personalise nearly every aspect of this phones layout and the ease of navigation when changing settings for individual apps and built-in software. The Extreme Power Saving function is a life saver when battery life is low. Overall I really, really enjoy using this phone and I would be hard-pressed not to choose another HTC model when it's time for me to upgrade!

vivienne macpherson


The HTC is an amazing phone i am not great with phones but the htc is easy to use its the best phone ever and i am fue an upgrade in July and it will be another HTC


dropped it in the sea!

So I was on holiday, bit drunk on the beach and I dropped my HTC m8 in the sea whilst it was still recording. Usually with any other phone that would have been it! The HTC m8 is still working with nothing wrong with it! If you are still trying to make up your mind on if you should buy I think this is evidence enough of its durability!! I have video proof of this because it still was recording the whole thing!!!



Simply the best smartphone I have ever owned( have previously owned Blackberry, Iphone andSamsung S4) Simply, find this phone easiest, hassle phone I have ever owned with amazing photo qualities and fantastic editing. Like I have mentioned, very easy to manouver around menu's and I find layout to my liking. Great phone!