The New HTC UltraPixel Camera

The new HTC One will be the first to feature the HTC UltraPixel Camera - an advanced imaging technology that offers a great leap in the quality of point-and-shoot photos and video. Smartphones have rapidly become the primary camera for millions of people, and taking pictures has become an indispensable part of daily life. HTC is committed to offering the highest quality camera available, so even everyday pictures are gratifying and memorable.

With our new camera, you’ll be able to quickly shoot vivid, true-to-life images with a wide range of colors, even in low light conditions. We accomplish this not by increasing the number of megapixels in the camera, but by engineering a more advanced CMOS Sensor, ISP, and optical lens system that captures significantly more light than most 8 or 13 megapixel cameras.

“We shouldn't scrap pixel count entirely when weighing smartphone cameras, but in terms of the hardware and software details that actually go into making a great photo, megapixels are highly overrated. It's high time we focus on other areas that count more, like that undersung sensor.

Jessica Dolcourt,
May 12, 2012

In this section we will describe for you how we’ve created the most sensitive smartphone camera, which include these key components of ImageSense technology:

  • UltraPixel Sensor - Engineered with larger pixels, it enables each pixel to capture more than 300% more light than most leading 13 megapixel cameras.
  • HTC ImageChip - Offers continuous autofocus, color shading, and noise reduction, as well as more realistic High Dynamic Range.
  • F/2.0 Aperture - The largest available smartphone camera aperture, it lets in 44% more light than the iPhone 5.
  • Optical Image Stabilization - Drastically reduces blur in still photos and shaky video footage.