Reading eBooks

Reading eBooks

Start your own library of bestsellers and literary classics right on HTC Sensation XE. Use the Reader app to read and download eBooks from Kobo™, an online bookstore.
  1. From the Home screen, tap > Reader.
  2. Slide your finger left or right across the screen to browse through the available eBooks.
  3. Tap an eBook to open it.
  4. Tap the screen to use these controls:
    Drag the slider to quickly go to a page or jump between chapters.
    Jump View the table of contents and your bookmarked pages. You can also see the notes and highlights that you've marked in the eBook.
    Mark Bookmark the page.
    Font size Change the font size.
    Share Recommend the eBook to your friends. You can share the book title in your social networks, or send it as a text message or email.
  5. To highlight a word or make a note, press and hold a word and then drag the start and end markers to select the surrounding text.

Downloading an eBook

Browse the bookstore and choose from hundreds of available titles to download.

Important: You need to have:
  1. If you have not yet logged in to Kobo and Adobe ID accounts, press , and then tap Accounts to sign in.
  2. On the Reader main screen, tap .
  3. On the eBooks by Kobo tab, do any of the following to find a book:
    • Tap a category to see available book titles.
    • View more categories. Press , and then tap either Browse or Discover.
    • Press to find a specific book title or author.
  4. Tap the eBook you want to download.
  5. Tap to place your order.
  6. Provide your purchase details, and then tap Buy.
  7. Tap to download the eBook. When downloading is complete, you'll find the eBook in your library.
Tip: If you've previously bought eBooks from Kobo using your computer, go to the Available for download tab in Reader to download them to HTC Sensation XE.
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