Sleep mode

Sleep mode

Sleep mode saves battery power by putting HTC Salsa into a low power state while the display is off. It also stops accidental button presses when HTC Salsa is in your bag. You’ll still receive messages and calls though.

Switching to Sleep mode

Briefly press the POWER button to turn off the display and switch to Sleep mode. HTC Salsa also automatically goes into Sleep mode when it’s idle for a while.

Waking up from Sleep mode

To wake HTC Salsa up manually, press the POWER button. You’ll need to unlock the screen.
Note: HTC Salsa automatically wakes up when you have an incoming call.

Unlocking the screen

Pull the ring up to unlock the screen.
Note: If you have set up a screen unlock pattern, pin, or password, you will be asked to draw the pattern on the screen or enter the PIN or password before it unlocks.
If you've set an event reminder or an alarm, you can drag or to the ring to snooze or dismiss the event or alarm.
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