Browsing the video store selections

Browsing the video store selections

Explore the catalogue of items in the HTC Watch video store. Browse TV shows and movies available for rent or purchase. You can also view trailers for select videos.
  1. From the Watch main screen, tap .
  2. Browse the recommended and featured selections, or browse by category.
    Tip: To do a quick search, press and then enter a title that you're looking for.
  3. Tap a video to view its synopsis.
Rent or make a purchase when you're ready.

Watching a trailer

If you see the icon while viewing the synopsis of a video, that means there's a trailer available for that video. Tap it to watch the trailer.

Recommending a video

While viewing the synopsis of a video, you can easily recommend the video to your family or friends by sharing its link. You can send it in an email, post to your social network, or share in other ways.
Tap and then choose how you want to share the link.
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