Watching a video in your library

Watching a video in your library

You can start watching a video as it's being downloaded. When there's enough downloaded content for playback, the play button becomes activated and you can start watching the video.
  1. On the HTC Watch main screen, slide left or right to see the following:
    recent Your latest video purchases, rentals, and what you've recently watched.
    my library Your complete library of purchases and rentals.
  2. To check the download progress of your rented or purchased videos, tap downloading under my library.
  3. Slide to my movies or my tv shows, and then tap a video that you want. If you see the play button and it's enabled, tap it to start watching the video.

If you've watched the video before, playback will resume seamlessly from where you left off. You can also jump to any part of the downloaded content and start to watch from there.

Note: HTC Watch only keeps track of the last playback position of your 16 most recently watched videos.
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