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Lock screen

Changing the lock screen wallpaper

Use the home wallpaper, or use any photo you've taken with the camera as the lock screen wallpaper.
  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Personalize.
  2. Tap Lock screen wallpaper
  3. In the pop-up menu, tap Use home screen wallpaper or tap Use custom wallpaper to select a photo from Gallery.

Adding a widget on the lock screen

Choose from our selection of lock screen widgets.
Important: Before you can add a widget on the lock screen, you must select the Enable lock screen widgets option in Settings > Security.
  1. On the lock screen, pull from the right edge until you see a icon.
  2. Tap .
  3. Tap a widget that you want to add to the lock screen.

Changing lock screen shortcuts

To change apps (or other shortcuts) on the lock screen, change the ones on the launch bar. To find out how, see Launch bar.

Turning the lock screen off

Rather not have to unlock your phone every time you wake it up? You can turn the lock screen off in Settings.
  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Security.
  2. Tap Screen lock > No lock screen.

To turn the lock screen on again, in Security settings, tap Screen lock > Lock screen.

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