Using Dropbox on HTC Desire SV
Adding more storage space to your phone and easily sharing files

Using Dropbox on HTC Desire SV

When you use Dropbox, you'll always have access to your photos, videos, and documents – on HTC Desire SV, your computer, and your other mobile devices where you have Dropbox access.
Note: If the Dropbox app is not preloaded, you can download and install it from Google Play.
On HTC Desire SV, sign in to your Dropbox account so you can:
  • Enjoy an additional 23GB of free Dropbox storage for two years.
  • Access your photos and videos that are stored in Dropbox right from Gallery.
  • No more large attachments when sharing by email. Simply send a link to your Dropbox files.
  • View and edit Office documents that are stored in Dropbox.
  • Save documents, such as from email attachments, directly to Dropbox.
  • Check your remaining Dropbox storage space anytime.
  • Search for files. Just include Dropbox as one of the searchable items in Google Search.

About the additional free Dropbox storage offer

The additional 23GB Dropbox storage is a special offer that's available on HTC Desire SV and other HTC devices using Android™ with HTC Sense™ 4.0. This offer is available to both new and current Dropbox users.
  • To get the additional 23GB of Dropbox storage free for two years, please sign in to your Dropbox account from HTC Desire SV (and not from your computer or other non-HTC devices), and complete the getting started guide on the Dropbox website (www.dropbox.com/gs).
  • If you don't have a Dropbox account yet, you can create a new account from HTC Desire SV or from your computer at www.dropbox.com.
  • This additional free storage is a one-time offer only. You're eligible to use this offer only on one HTC device.
  • You won't be able to use this offer again if you create or sign in to Dropbox with a different account.
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