Downloading from the Web

Downloading from the Web

Do more than just browsing the Web. You can download files such as photos and music as well as apps using the web browser.
  • Make sure you have your storage card inserted on HTC ChaCha. All downloaded files will be saved to your storage card.
  • Before downloading an app, check first its compatibility with HTC ChaCha to make sure it can be installed.

Downloading apps from the Web

You can download apps directly from your favorite websites. Apps downloaded from the Web can be from unknown sources. To protect HTC ChaCha and your personal data, we strongly recommend that you download and install only apps you trust.
  1. Open your web browser, then go to the website where you can download the app you want.
  2. Follow the website's instructions for downloading the app.
Before you can install the downloaded app, you need to set HTC ChaCha to allow installation of third-party apps. From the Home screen, press , then tap Settings > Applications > Unknown sources.

Viewing your downloads

While viewing a webpage, press and then tap More > Downloads.
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