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This is by far the best phone I have ever owned and I have owned a few believe me.Even After the lollipop update its still very fast and responsive,excellent build Quality no phone even comes close except proberly the m9 ....Highly Recommended keep up the good work HTC.


We need more features

First of all, I gotta say that I love the HTC One M8. It is definitely the best phone I ever bought so far. Among all the great features the phone has, I think yall could add some more. Like being able to draw on pictures before sending them, draw on home screen or being able to increase or decrease the volume using the earphones and way more. The competition in the cellphone industry is getting fierce. HTC needs to come up with new features like the LG



I have the Harman Kardon M8. I have to say I am not impressed with the GUI that HTC is using for the phone interface and contacts management. My #1 BIGGEST complaint is that I can no longer give a group of contacts a special ringtone. This was a feature way back when I had my first EVO, why is it gone now. Also, the squared shape of the earbuds is uncomfortable to wear.



Originally, I had wanted the iPhone 5, but when I went to bestbuy I was told that the HTC One was a great phone. That was BS. At first, the phone was fine. However, after a month of having it, problems started to occur. First, the camera stopped working which required a two hour conversation with the support team at sprint/htc. Then, certain apps wouldn't open. And now, after not even eight months of having it, it will not charge or turn on whatsoever. Save yourself some money and get an iPhone.


Update disappointment

Overall I love my HTC! I am very upset and disappointed with the recent update. Everything moves much slower including charging the phone. However what does not moves slow is the amount of time it takes for my battery to run out. This never happened before. I am not doing anything now that I was not doing prior to the update, however my battery is running out at a more rapid pace. I AM NOT PLEASED. Change should improve not impede.

Gina Lo

HTC One M8 disappoints me

Maybe it's because I have the T-Mobile HTC One M8 but this phone is not great. The screen is way too sensitive. It responds to anything that touches it. Head phones, pocket... It should only respond to the touch of my finger... The processor is extremely slow although the last update did help a little. All notifications appear in the lock screen even though the option is turned off. If yu can't understand this review, just do not buy this phone... The camera is the ONLY good thing.


Awful phone - Camera takes unusable photos

Had my phone (HTC One) just over a year and the camera developed the famous purple tint. Now can't take any photos day or night. Will never buy HTC again or recommend them. (Also they don't allow zero starts on review so subtract 20% from the overall score above to get what people really think).

Hannah Adams


I would recommend this phone for someone who could buy another in a year or so. If I type more than a paragraph it goes away and says error. It also doesn't let me get texts sometimes that people had sent me screenshots showing it sent and I had a signal at the time. Sometimes if I press on my calendar it takes me to a bunch of random screens that aren't what I clicked on. But I've had this phone for almost a year and a half so I guess it's about done. Also my family has it and theirs has problems too and all our cameras have a pink tint on the photos.


GR8 M8

Look and feel was better than i though! Battery life lasts a lot longer than an iphone and the sound quality was the best from any smartphone I heard off. the power button on top isn't really annoying at all when you use it, and I have small hands the feeling of the phone slides right into your hand and i have not dropped it once but apple users say my htc lags a bit on geometry dash... camera was better than normal but still good quality. shortcuts to launch and the software in general was extremely useful and easy to use

Neil Wallace

Great concept.

This is my fourth HTC and sadly the worst of them all. While it is amazing looking, the phone however is ridiculously slick, so have a solid grip on it if you have an active lifestyle. I've had the phone since July 2014 and the battery already won't hold a charge, would be nice to be able to replace it, the mini usb port could use some help (possible dust cover, or ways to strengthen it). It does have amazing features however, sound quality is amazing, the camera is good, and when the battery did work, it lasted a good amount of time. Yes you can buy a cover, but why make a phone good looking, just to have to hide it.