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Remarkably Resilient!

Other reviewers have described the features beautifully and, really, I can't top it. The HTC one has a gorgeous screen, is easy to use, has excellent sound, and is dependable with great battery life. Where it shines, for me, is how incredibly durable it is! It'd been dropped, knocked, kicked and kept going... I literally ran it over in my car (not a glancing blow, mind you, it was squished under my tire on a gravel parking lot) and IT. STILL. WORKED. Now, it bent a little and finally got a tiny crack in the screen - but it had been run over by a car! The fact that's ALL that happened was amazing. I dropped my last phone a few inches off my couch and the screen looked like a spiderweb and the microphone stopped working. The HTC One took it like a champ!

John Shaffell

Best of the best

I have been a Windows man since the early nineties. A year and a half ago I bought a Lumina 521 and fell in love with Windows phone. I received the HTC One M8 for Father's day. It is a fantastic hardware platform for the Windows phone OS. The only thing the M8 is missing is a professional camera. It would make this phone a must have for Windows users.

Bheki Tshambi

Best smart phone ever

From htc one x I had, and I'm using m8 now nothing bad recon, the phone is phenomenal, good battery life, camera, process speed, I hope there will be a built-in sim to the next generation and I'm waiting for m10.

Charles Guernsey

Rugged phone

The day after i got the phone i lost it in snow. A friend found it a week later not only did it still work it still had battery left. Two days ago i dropped it out of my pocket ... i was up a wind turbine 300 ft up . the phone had a little scuff on corner otherwise still in like new condition. i hope you guys keep building them like this


Want to send you image

I take camera shot from htc m8. In my life dis is the one of the best click i have evr saw from any mobile. I want to send you that image. I just want you to spread that image so that people would came to know how gud is the htc m8.

Deepak Kwatra

HTC M8_Pathetic Phone

I Have been using M8 for 5 months now and let me tell its a pathetic phone not performance wise but built wise. During the first 3 months, I had kept my phone in the translucent case which comes along with the phone but everytime I used to remove it, I saw some spots on the back of it which I realised was due to the dust which was able to penetrate. The metal case heats up so badly that sometimes it is to difficult to even hold it. Speakers get dirty so easily.HTC logo getting peeled off. All this has happened in just the first 4 months. I don't know what all will come off by 1 year.


Amazing Phone!!!

I love this phone! Especially the camera and the stereo BoomSound speakers. I'm glad that I switched my previous phone for this one.

Monica Bailey

Worst phone I've ever had

The phone was fine until a couple of months later I had to use my insurance through Verizon to get a new one because the battery would not hold a charge, nor would it charge above 54%. I received a new one and that one was fine as well, until the same thing happened again to my second phone I had received. Sometime my keyboard would seem as though it had a mind of its own. It would also randomly shut down some apps that I was using at that moment, and freeze as well. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone looking for a new phone. If 0 was an option for the "battery life" feature, that would've been my choice.


Useless calendar

Calendar has a default setting of a light blue background with white (?) type letters to show an appointment in the day mode which is UNREADABLE. And while there seems to be a way to change "themes" there is NO way to change the background color in the day mode. I have to select the appointment to be able to see readable text. Now that I've had the phone for awhile, I lament the lack of a replaceable battery, as my current battery requires constant monitoring and recharging during the day..... This is my second HTC phone (HTC evo 4 G previously), and it will be my last.


Upgrade Fail

After a mandatory upgrade, all of my notes were erased... It forced forced me to use "Everynote" which you have to install from play, and it didn't transfer my old notes. They're all gone, such BS! Also, the camera sucks in dark settings, everything is purple.