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London, UK

Some poor design decisions

Overall a good looking phone but so scratch-prone that you have to hide its good looks inside a case! I have to be honest, the worst aspect is the volume rocker which you just can't avoid hitting, thereby setting either the ringer or call volumes inadvertently! Oh so annoying! Really htc, at this price you could've got at least the usability basics right.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Poor camera and heavy

I had HTC 8X and I like it so much.. I didn't expect HTC one m8 camera will be that bad until I got the feels like a cheap phone. Not a joke. It also has some defectives in the camera's lens glass.. I'll never trust HTC again


Excellent Phone :)

I couldn't decide whether I should have got a z3 or the m8, but after weeks of deciding, I went with the m8. Because A) I saw better reviews and more positive customer feedback B) It looked so much better and C) The interface was much better. But I wouldn't say more as you can find multiple reviews on YouTube. I really love the look and feel of the phone, eventhough I feel like I have to clean it every five minutes. The camera is not really as good as I expected it to be, but coming from the sony xperia series I am biased. I have been using the phone for a few weeks now, and my only complaint is that the camera could have been better, the phone is too slippery, and the audio jack and lock button placements, but those complaints are not solvable anyway. If you are looking to buy this phone, you should make sure you are a person who takes care of their phone, as this m8 is really fragile and break easily. This is not a phone for a careless person. The phone is snappy and fast, the boomsound audio is great and t

Pune, Maharashtra, India

best phone ever !

I 've used the iPhone BlackBerry and a lumia in the past . A switch to android was more than due . After being torn between the note 4 and the z3 I went for the HTC m8 purely based on looks and the perfect screen size. This is one decision I do not regret at all . It's an amazing phone very smooth and fluid . The camera could 've been better but the camera software makes up for it to some extent . Everything else about this phone is just perfect . Couldn't ask for anything better !

London, UK

Excellent, premium phone that's just a tad too prone to breakages

This is a great phone. No other android handset comes close (as of right now) from an end-user perspective. It feels premium, has a fantastic screen, stellar battery life and amazing performance. Features are good, including the camera despite its low MP count. The downside of this phone is that it is fragile. Very, very fragile - especially prone to scratches both front and back. It can't take a single front-facing impact. If you can't take good care of your phone, this isn't for you. If you can, boy are you in for a treat.

Helsinki, Finland

Best mobile device yet

Simply amazing. Premium feel of metal casing. Clarity of display. Ease of usage. Can't wait for the next one...


The Best Phone of my life

this is my 3rd htc phone.. i dunno wad to say... just a best phone... thier not like apple n samsung~~htc just keep improve thier phone...

Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

Don't change to this phone

After reading lots of good reviews I switched mine and a colleague's i-phone to the new HTC One M8. It has been difficult from day one. It isn't as intuitive as the i-phone but worse than that there are lots of unresolved issues such as dropping calls, caller not being able to hear you, having to use speaker phone to call people!, txt messages not sending until you re-boot the phone. It's bad and there is very little support via the HTC website. There are lots of forums about the problems which many people have posted about. The seem to be not many available fixes without sending the phone back which obviously the retailer are reluctant to do. I feel a little stupid at having fallen for the sales pitch from EE and am counting the days or months until my contract ends when I can switch back to Apple.



can't be described in words, go get it and feel the perfection in your hands.


An excellent phone which won't disappoint

I had an HTC before switching to a Samsung and regretted it from the moment I started using it. The HTC works so much better than any other phone I have used, and looks and feels magnificent too. And I don't feel the need to be driven to camping out on the street overnight just to get a phone. Understated HTC phones may be, but like Apple were in the 1980s they produce superior tech when all the others get the headlines.