Get Started youtube _Q2_IPj79h4 Easy Transfer Solutions It's easier than ever to transfer your content and settings to an HTC phone. Our support tools make the entire process fast and simple: Switch all your settings Set up and configure your new HTC phone Back up your content to the cloud and set daily automatic backups Data Transfer Learn How Old Android to New HTC Phone iPhone to New HTC Phone Any Other Phone to New HTC Phone Data Transfer Old Android to New HTC Smartphone Use the HTC Transfer Tool to transfer content from your old Android phone to your new HTC phone. Download HTC Transfer Tool from Google Play on your old phone, launch it and follow the onscreen directions. You'll transfer everything in a couple minutes! Contacts, settings and numbers load automatically Camera photos, videos and complete gallery transfer in seconds Music library transfers with the push of a button Text messages automatically migrate Bookmarks and site shortcuts directly transfer Calendars migrate in seconds HERE'S HOW: On your new phone, go to Settings and tap Transfer content Choose Transfer from other Android HTC Transfer Tool*]]> Follow instructions on both phones to pair them Verify the same PIN appears on both phones On your old phone, choose the types of content that you want to transfer, tap Start and you're ready! *You need Android 2.3 or later to use HTC Transfer Tool on your old phone. youtube brfsysmuzF4 Data Transfer iPhone to HTC Phone Use the HTC Sync Manager: connect your iPhone and your HTC phone to your computer, open HTC Sync Manager and click iPhone Transfer. iTunes: Load your iTunes music and playlists directly from your computer to your new HTC phone (excludes protected music). Contacts, numbers and phone settings will be loaded onto your new HTC phone Camera photos, videos and complete gallery transfer in seconds Text messages will be seamlessly moved Bookmarks and shortcuts will be directly transferred Wallpaper will automatically load Calendars migrate in seconds HERE'S HOW: Use iTunes 9.0 or later to create your iPhone backup to your computer Connect your HTC phone to your computer Download and open HTC Sync Manager on your computer Click More > iPhone Transfer and click Get Started Select the iPhone backup file and click OK Select the types of content from your iPhone you want to transfer Click Start and you're ready! Data Transfer Other Phones to New HTC Smartphone Use Bluetooth to transfer contacts from your old Windows, Blackberry or other phone to your new HTC phone with Bluetooth Transfer. HERE'S HOW: Go to Settings or Set-up App on your new phone Choose your old phone's name and model On your old phone, turn Bluetooth on and set it to discoverable mode Follow onscreen instructions on both phones to pair them Choose the types of data that you want to transfer and you're ready! Get Started Backup and restore my new HTC Phone With HTC Backup, your accounts, apps, bookmarks, home screen layout, settings and widgets are saved in the cloud and can be quickly restored to a new HTC phone in case you misplace, break or upgrade the phone you have. You can even set up daily backups! Fast and easy set-up Use a computer to set up email, personalise your wallpaper and ringtones, find applications and then send your set-up to your new HTC phone. HOW TO BACK UP YOUR HTC PHONE: Turn on HTC Backup by selecting Back Up Phone Daily while performing device set-up, or enable it in Settings Slide open Notifications panel and tap Settings Tap Backup On/Off switch Choose HTC Account as your backup account, and sign into your account: you can also sign in with your HTC account, or Facebook account If you're signed into your Google account, tap it to change your backup account to your HTC account Sign into Dropbox or create a Dropbox account Tap Allow to authorise HTC Backup to access your Dropbox and you've finished! Once your phone has finished backing up, you'll see the last backup date and time under Backup history To manually start a backup, tap Back up now Back to top