Viewing and replying to a message

Viewing and replying to a message

Depending on your notification settings, the phone plays a ringtone, vibrates, or displays the message briefly in the status bar when you receive a new message.
A new message icon is also displayed in the status bar.
  1. To open and read the message, you can:
    • Slide open the Notifications panel (see Opening the Notifications panel). Then tap the new message.
    • Open the Messages application to access and read the message
  2. While reading the message, you can:
    Reply with a text message Tap the text box at the bottom of the screen, enter your reply message, and then tap .
    Reply with a multimedia message Enter your reply message and choose what item to attach to it. See Sending a multimedia message (MMS).
    Call or save a phone number contained in the message Tap the phone number. Then choose whether to dial the number or add it to your contacts.
    Open a link in the message Tap the link to open it in the web browser.
    Send to or save an email address contained in the message Tap the email address. Then choose whether to send an email, send a multimedia message, or save the email address to your contacts.
    Forward a message Press and hold the message to open the options menu, and then tap Forward.
    Check message details Press and hold the message to open the options menu, and then tap View message details.

Viewing and saving an attachment from a multimedia message

If you are concerned about the size of your data downloads, check the multimedia message size before you download it.
Note: When Auto-retrieve in MMS settings is disabled, only the message header is downloaded. To download the entire message, tap the Download button at the right side of the message. To find out more about message settings, see Setting message options.
  • If there’s a media attachment such as a photo or video in a received message, tap it to view the content.
  • If the attachment is a contact (vCard), tap it to add to your contacts.

    Open the People application to view the contact information. See People.

  • If the attachment is an appointment or event (vCalendar), tap it and then choose the calendar where to save it.

    Open the Calendar application to view the appointment or event.

  • To save the attachment to your storage card, press and hold the multimedia message, and then tap Save [attachment type] on the options menu.

Viewing push messages

Push messages contain a web link. Often the link enables you to download a file that you have requested, for example a ringtone.

When you receive a push message, a notification icon is displayed in the status bar.

  • To open and read a new push message:
    1. Press and hold the status bar, and then slide the status bar down to open the Notifications panel.
    2. Tap the new message.
    3. Tap Visit website.
  • To view all your push messages:
    1. From the Home screen, tap > Messages.
    2. Press MENU, and then tap Push messages.
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