Using turn-by-turn navigation

Using turn-by-turn navigation

  • Check if you have purchased turn-by-turn navigation for the country or region you’re in.
  • To use turn-by-turn navigation, the GPS satellites option in Settings > Location needs to be selected.
  1. In Locations, search for the place you want to go to.
    Tip: Have you saved locations as footprints? You can also set it as your destination. On the main screen, tap > Footprints, and then choose a footprint.
  2. Tap Premium navigation.

Setting navigation preferences

Choose how you want Locations to map your route. You can tell Locations to avoid highways or toll roads, show lane information, choose your route preference, and more.
  1. While using turn-by-turn navigation, tap > Navigator.
  2. Set your preferences by selecting or tapping an item.

Turning off speed and safety camera alerts

If you have the safety camera service, you can choose to turn this service off temporarily.

  1. While using turn-by-turn navigation, tap > Warnings.
  2. Clear the Speed warning and Safety camera warning options.

Answering a call while using navigation

When a call comes in, the whole map nudges up a bit so you can see the incoming call and answer it. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use navigation as we made sure that the call screen just occupies as little space as possible at the bottom of the screen.

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