Recording favorite places with HTC Footprints

Recording favorite places with HTC Footprints

HTC Footprints™ provides an easy way to record your favorite places and revisit those places. You can take a photo of a location such as a restaurant or sightseeing spot and store it together with its precise GPS location, street address, phone number, and more.

The next time you want to visit the same place, just open the footprint. You can then view the location on the map, search for it on the Web, and more.

Adding a location as a footprint

  1. Search for the destination you want to go to.
  2. Tap Save to Footprints.
  3. You can:
    • Tap to take a picture and add it as a photo for the footprint.
    • Tap to fine tune the position of the footprint on the map.
    • Tap to add a note for the footprint.
    • Tap Select categories, and then choose the appropriate labels for the location.
    • Press , and then tap Record voice to add a voice memo to the footprint.
  4. Tap Done.

Setting a footprint as your home location

Save your home address as a footprint to make it easier to set it as your destination.

  1. While at your home location, open Locations, and then go to the Footprints tab.
  2. Under Current Location, tap .
  3. Tap Done.
  4. Tap Set my home, select your home address from the list, and then tap Done.
Tip: To change your home address at any time, tap .

Revisiting a footprint

  1. On the Footprints tab, tap a category.
  2. Tap the footprint you want to revisit.
  3. Tap the information fields to get directions, share the footprint, search the Web, and more.

Editing or deleting a footprint

  1. On the Footprints tab, tap a category.
  2. Press and hold the footprint you want to edit or delete.
  3. Tap Edit or Delete on the options menu.

Sharing your footprints

  1. Create a footprint.
  2. On the Footprints tab, tap the footprint that you have just created.
  3. Tap , and then choose how you want to share the footprint.

Deleting multiple footprints

  1. On the Footprints tab, tap a category.
  2. Press , and then tap Delete.
  3. Select the footprints you want to delete, and then tap Delete.

Exporting your footprints

Back up footprints by exporting and saving them as .kmz files. You can also open exported footprints files in other applications such as Google Earth™ on your PC.
  1. On the Footprints tab, tap a category.
  2. Press , and then tap Export.
Exported footprints are saved as .kmz files in the Footprints folder on the internal storage. If you exported multiple footprints at one time, they are saved together in one .kmz file.

Importing footprints

Bring back footprints you previously backed up on the internal storage. You can also import .kmz files that you saved in other applications, or use a photo as a footprint.
  1. On the Footprints tab, press , and then tap Import.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To import a photo, tap Photos, navigate to the photo you want to import, and then tap the photo. You can then add Footprints information such as location and category.
    • To import a saved footprint or another .kmz file, tap Footprints data, and then tap the file you want to import.
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