About Messages

About Messages

Messages lets you compose and send text (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) to other mobile phones.

To open your message inbox, press HOME, and then tap > Messages. If the list of messages does not fit on the screen, you can scroll down to view more messages by swiping your finger on the screen or the optical trackball.
  1. Bold text indicates unread messages in the thread.
  2. Tap to open the message or message thread.
You can also view your messages on the Home screen with the Messages widget. If the Messages widget is not there already, you can add it by following the instructions in Personalizing your Home screen with widgets.

New message notifications

Depending on your notification settings, the phone plays a ringtone, vibrates, or displays the message briefly in the status bar when you receive a new message. A new message icon is also displayed in the status bar.
  1. To open the message, press and hold the status bar, and then slide the status bar down to open the Notifications panel.
  2. Tap the new message to open and read it. For information on reading and replying to messages, see Viewing and replying to text and multimedia messages
To change the notification for new messages, see Setting text and multimedia message options.
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