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worst HTC phone going

ive 2 different handsets in the last few months and both have been as bad as each other. The phone is so slow and sluggish even when there are no additional apps on it. The quality of both phones were shocking, the replacement from HTC had the screen lifting from the phone and the plastic strips near the speakers were pealing. I have been a massive fan of HTC over the years and they have some great phones. This one the other hand has to be the worst one. I would not recommend. Ive had to go out and buy another phone until my contract is up. Customer service were also useless!.


Best Android phone

Great phone,sound is good battery is good. Best android phone


HTC One Mini 2 is very bad

I am using this phone since 4 months and the performance is super laggy sometimes I have to restart the phone to make normal dial up Many specs are not correct and HTC company blough out people who purchased this phone. No NFC as mentioned, Ram is less than 1 MB ..Processer 1.2 not true .. max 300 Many freaking specs which is not proper. Regards, Tareq

cat lady


Had my phone now nearly 2 months. Nothing to fault with it as yet. Battery life is great, I did as recommended and let it run right down then fully charged it from flat. This I did a few times and it goes for almost 2dys now without having to charge and I use it a lot


The htc one mini 2 is a bad phone

I have enjoyed using HTC phones for the past 3/4 years. the last phone I had was a HTC one mini; I loved the phone, is was quick slim and had a great camera. Unfortunately I broke it so I thought the HTC one mini 2 would be an upgrade. This wasn't the case. The HTC one mini 2 is worse is all aspects; the camera is poor quality and doesn't work well at all in low light situations. The phone is generally slow even though I'm not even close to filling the internal storage. It's bigger and more clumsy than the original. Would not recommend to anyone. The screenshot doesn't even work.


?i like my phone

I bought my new phone one week ago . I bought HTC DESIRE816 I LIKE EVERYTHING IN IT . THANK YOU MOHAMMED ALI


htc one mini 2

Very good phone, easy to use, very nice design. But why it has only 815 mb of RAM for use i don't understand. All specs and reviews talk about 1gb of RAM.

Stoke-on-Trent, UK


I got the One Mini 2 on contract back in June. I'm now on my 3rd handset. The first one was stolen, and the next one would not play ANY sound after i had used the headphones, just a high pitched whining sound. The only way to rectify this was to reboot the phone. EE, (who's shop staff, by the way, are solely focused on sell sell sell#, coerced me into taking out another contract as i originally had no insurance. The same thing happened again. But the phone itself: Beautiful to hold and look at, excellent cameras, a tad slow, #but that may be EE's network), very delicate, as i work in electrical contracting it gets scratched, "buy a case" i hear you cry! Then it would not look so nice. Bit like buying a new sofa and leaving the polythene on it. Dissapointed really.

Macedonia (FYROM)

Exellent pocket friend

This phone comes as a main phone for me,because i make a lot of calls daily. Battery life is Exellent and power-saver options gives extendted time for use. Design - perfect. Size also perfectly fits in your pocket and its big as the regular smartphones with the screen size,but its comfortable the browsing and watching videos. Negative sides - there is no native video player that supports subtitles or many video files.

London, UK

Phone good so far but Battery life is poor.

I'm a 37 year old professional male based in London with a family. Just got this phone after 2 years on the HTC 8S. Andriod is thus new to me. I have been a hotmail / windows user getting set up has been pretty simple. Hotmail works well on the phone. I use the phone mainly for emails (multiple accounts), calls, whatsup...not a video or games user. The mail functions are good and navigating is clear...I do find knowing you have a new mail or message is a little confusing with small icons at the top of the screen, the HTC8s and the iphone have a clearer on app symbol. Also this small bar at the top of the screen is not ideal for a fat fingered indivdual such as myself, I keep opening apps by mistake when trying to access this. I use my phone to follow my diary and find that the the blinkfield thing useful although a good idea it would be better if it was more customisable from a "view days in 1hr, 2hr 5hr blocks" option, so everything could fit in thje view without the need to scroll... I like the feel of the