Downloading maps or purchasing services

Downloading maps or purchasing services

You can download maps for free or purchase premium services such as navigation, safety cameras, and turn-by-turn voice instructions.
  1. On the Device panel, click Locations, and then click On.
  2. Click Get more maps and licenses.
  3. On the Navigation store window, click the type of content you want to download, and then select a country.
  4. Under Additional features, choose one or more navigation products to download or purchase.
    Tip: When purchasing navigation products, you also need to consider the license duration for using the downloaded content.
  5. Click .
  6. Click Shopping cart to review the items you've selected and the total amount of purchase.
  7. Click Check out.
  8. If you've selected premium navigation products, enter your email address and billing information, and then click Review purchase.
  9. When everything is correct, click Confirm and download.
After you're done downloading items, you'll see these items in the Locations category of the Device panel. Choose the items to sync, and then click Sync now.
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