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Using HTC Salsa as a wireless router

Using HTC Salsa as a wireless router

Share your data connection with other devices by turning HTC Salsa into a wireless router.

Make sure the data connection on HTC Salsa is turned on before you use it as a wireless router.
  1. From the Home screen, press , and then tap Settings > Wireless & networks.
  2. Tap Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.
  3. Enter a router name or use the default router name.
  4. Choose the type of Security and set the password (key) for your wireless router. If you selected None in Security, you don’t need to enter a password.
    Note: The password is the key other people need to enter on their device so they can connect and use HTC Salsa as a wireless router.
  5. Select the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot check box to turn on the wireless router.

HTC Salsa is ready to be used as a wireless router when you see on the status bar.

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