Facebook for HTC Sense

Facebook for HTC Sense

If you signed in to your Facebook account when you turned on and set up HTC Salsa for the first time, that means your Facebook account is linked to Facebook for HTC Sense on HTC Salsa.

With Facebook for HTC Sense, you can:

  • See all your Facebook contacts and their instant status updates in People.

    When you tap a contact on the All tab, slide to the Updates and events tab to see updates such as posted status messages, uploads, and profile changes.

    When there is a notification of the contact’s birthday, you can tap the notification to send a greeting.

  • See Facebook photos right on the Gallery app.

    You can also upload one or more photos to Facebook, then tag and add captions that go with it.

    When you’re viewing the albums of a Facebook friend, you can also share a link to a particular album, or comment on the album photos.

  • Check your friends’ Facebook status updates in Friend Stream.
  • View your Facebook events and your friends’ birthdays on the Calendar app.
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