Getting directions to a footprint

Getting directions to a footprint

Get directions on how to reach the location stored in a footprint.
  1. In the Locations app, tap to find and set your current location.
  2. Slide left or right to see your footprints.
  3. Browse through recent footprints, choose from the footprints categories, or search for a footprint.
  4. When you see the footprint that you want, tap it.
  5. To get directions, tap . You'll then see a driving route to your destination from your current location drawn on the map.
  6. Tap if you want to get walking directions. Tap to change back to driving directions.
  7. If the map doesn't rotate when you move, tap the compass . This makes the map adjust and orient itself automatically to the direction where you're facing.
  8. Tap to see the list of directions. To switch back to the map again, tap .
Tip: While viewing a route on the map, you can change the map to satellite view by tapping > view. Tap these again to change back to map view.
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