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Getting contacts and other content into HTC One SV

Getting contacts and other content into HTC One SV

Aside from the HTC Transfer Tool, there are other ways you can add contacts and other content to HTC One SV.
Sync with your computer

Use HTC Sync Manager to sync contacts, documents, playlists, and more between HTC One SV and your computer running a Windows or Mac OS operating system.

You can also use it to transfer contacts, messages, and other content from an iPhone to your computer, and then to your HTC One SV.

Gmail Google contacts are imported to HTC One SV after you sign in to your Google Account. You can also create more Google contacts right from HTC One SV.
Social network accounts Log in to your favorite social networks to sync contact information from them.
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync HTC One SV syncs your work contacts from the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Server in your workplace.
Phone contacts You can create contacts locally on HTC One SV, if you don't prefer to store them on your online accounts.
SIM card Copy all your SIM contacts to HTC One SV.
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