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Unlocking the screen

Unlocking the screen

Pull the ring up to unlock the screen.
Note: If you've set up a screen lock, you'll be asked to provide your credentials before HTC One S unlocks.
If you've set an event reminder or an alarm, you can drag or to the ring to snooze or dismiss the event or alarm.

Opening an app or folder from the lock screen

  • On the lock screen, drag an app or folder icon to the ring to unlock the screen and directly go to the app or folder.
    Tip: The shortcuts on the lock screen are the same ones on your Home screen's launch bar. To change the lock screen shortcuts, replace the apps or folders on the launch bar.
  • When there's a notification or info shown on the lock screen such as a missed call or new message, you can drag it to the ring to directly go to its app.
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