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Securing HTC One S with a personal touch

Securing HTC One S with a personal touch

Make unlocking your phone as easy as looking at it. Protect your personal information and prevent others from using HTC One S without your permission by setting up face unlock.
  1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap > Security.
  2. Tap Screen lock > Face Unlock.
  3. Tap Set it up and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. Choose a backup lock to use in case the phone doesn't recognize you.
  5. Tap Lock phone after, then specify the idle time before the screen is locked.
    Tip: You can also tap Improve face matching on the Security screen to train HTC One S to recognize your face in different situations, such as when you're wearing glasses or sporting a beard.
You'll be asked to unlock the screen every time HTC One S is turned on or when it’s idle for a certain period of time.

To further improve security, select Liveness check on the Security screen. You'll be asked to blink to unlock the screen.

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