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Viewing photos

Viewing photos

After you’ve selected an album, you can browse through your photos and videos.
Slide your finger up or down to scroll through the thumbnails. Tap a photo or video to view it in full screen.

Zooming in or out on a photo

There are two ways you can zoom in or out of a photo.

  • Tap the screen twice quickly to zoom in, then tap the screen twice quickly again to zoom out.
  • Press your thumb and index finger on the screen and then spread your fingers apart to zoom in; pinch your fingers together to zoom out.

Viewing photos as a slideshow

View the photos in an album as a slideshow.
  1. Select an album whose photos you want to view as a slideshow.
  2. Tap .
    • Tap the screen to show the playback controls.
    • With the playback controls showing, tap to set slideshow preferences.
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