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Notifications panel

Notifications panel

Open the Notifications panel to see what event notification or new information you've received, check the battery status of HTC Flyer, or easily turn on settings such as Wi-Fi®.
Tap the rightmost area of the status bar to open the Notifications panel.
  • If you have pending notifications below the system clock, tap a balloon tip to respond to the notification or open its app.
  • Tap X to remove a notification from the list.

Using Quick Settings

The Quick Settings panel lets you easily turn on Wi-Fi, notification alerts, and more. It also provides a shortcut to all HTC Flyer settings.
Tap the rightmost area of the status bar, and then tap .
Do any of the following:
  • Tap the check box next to an item to turn it off or on.
  • Drag the slider to adjust the screen brightness.
  • Tap Settings to open all HTC Flyer settings.
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