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About HTC Sync

About HTC Sync

You have your new vacation photos on HTC Explorer while your business calendar is on your computer. Why not make your files and information available on both devices?
With HTC Sync™, you can:
  • Sync your contacts between your Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows® Contacts on your computer and HTC Explorer.
  • Sync your calendar events between the Outlook or Windows Calendar on your computer and HTC Explorer.
  • Bring your photos, videos, documents, songs, and playlists to HTC Explorer and enjoy them on the go.
  • Easily import your captured photos and videos from HTC Explorer to your computer.
  • Store the same web bookmarks on both your computer and HTC Explorer.
  • Install third-party mobile apps from your computer.
Note: You need a storage card inserted into HTC Explorer to be able to sync multimedia files and documents.
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