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Changing email account settings

Changing email account settings

  1. Switch to the email account whose settings you want to change.
  2. Press , and then tap More > Settings.
  3. Select from the following:
    Account settings Change the email account settings such as the name, email address, password, and description.
    General settings Set the font size when reading emails, enable, disable or set the signature, set the account as the default email account, and set where to save email attachments.
    Send & Receive Set the sync settings for incoming and outgoing emails such as maximum size limit, update schedule, and more.
    Notification settings Set email notification settings.
    Delete account Tap to delete the email account.
  4. Press to save your changes.

Deleting an email account

  1. Switch to the email account you want to delete.
  2. Press , and then tap More > Settings > Delete account.
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