Camera basics

Camera basics

Whether traveling for business or fun, enjoy taking photos and videos of your trip and encounters with HTC Explorer.
  • If a storage card is not inserted, you can only take up to five photos, which are saved in the phone storage. When you insert a storage card, the photos on the phone are automatically transferred to the storage card.
  • You need to have a storage card inserted before you can access the files.
  • To open the camera in photo mode and take photos, tap from the Home screen, and then tap Camera.
  • To open the camera directly in video mode so you can immediately start capturing videos, tap from the Home screen, and then tap Camcorder.

Viewfinder screen

You’ll find the following onscreen controls on the Viewfinder screen:

Zoom bar
Photo/Video mode switch
Shutter release/Record button
Effects button
Gallery button


Before taking a photo or video, you can first use the onscreen zoom bar to zoom in or out of your subject.
Simply slide your finger up or down the zoom bar to zoom in or out.

When you're recording video, the zoom bar is always shown onscreen. You can freely zoom in or out while recording.

Taking your closeup shot

Having a hard time taking your own closeup shot? With the camera, it's easy. Just set it to automatically take your self portrait. You won't even need to tap the shutter release button.

  1. Press to open the settings menu panel.
  2. Tap Self-portrait.
  3. Press to close the settings menu panel.
  4. Turn the camera to face you.
Once the camera detects your face, it automatically focuses and takes your photo.
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