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Viewing locations in Google Maps

Viewing locations in Google Maps

Finding your location

To find your location with Google Maps, you need to enable location sources. To learn how, see Turning on location services.
  1. From the Home screen, tap > Maps.
  2. On the Google Maps screen, press MENU and then tap My Location. Your location is shown on the map as a blinking blue dot.

Moving on the map

Swipe your finger on the screen or the optical trackball to view other areas of the map.

Zooming in or out of a map

  • Touch the plus or minus side of the Zoom control .
  • Double-tap a location on the map to zoom in to that location.

Getting an address and additional information for a location

  1. Touch and hold a location on the map. A balloon opens over the location, with the address and a thumbnail from street view (if available).
  2. Tap the balloon to see more information or to get directions to the location.

Looking at a location in Street View

Street View mode (available only in selected areas) provides a street-level view of the location.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Touch and hold a location on the map, and then tap the balloon that appears.
    • Search for the place you want to view in Street View. See Searching for a location for details. When you find the place, tap its balloon.
  2. On the location details screen, tap Street view.
  3. To navigate in Street View, do any of the following:
    • Swipe your finger on the screen or the optical trackball to pan up or down or to look in other directions.
    • Tap the arrows to move up or down the street.
    • Press MENU to select from other navigation options.
    • While viewing a Street View of a location, press MENU and then tap Compass mode to turn Compass mode on. Tilt, pan, or turn your phone to view the area around the selected location.

Clearing the map

After you get directions or search on a map, you can clear away the various markers such activities draw on the map.

When viewing a map, press MENU, and then tap More > Clear Map.
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