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Finding your friends with Google Latitude (available by country)

Finding your friends with Google Latitude (available by country)

Google Latitude® user location service lets you and your friends share locations and status messages with each other. It also lets you send text and email messages, make phone calls, and get directions to your friends’ locations.

Your location is not shared automatically. You must join Latitude, and then invite your friends to view your location or accept their invitations. Only friends that you have explicitly invited or accepted can see your location.

Opening and joining Latitude

  1. From the Home screen, tap > Maps.
  2. While viewing a map, press and then tap Join Latitude.
  3. After you’ve joined Latitude and closed the application, you can do any of the following to open it from the Home screen:
    • Tap > Latitude.
    • Open Maps, press , and then tap Latitude.
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