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Installing an app from your computer to HTC ChaCha

Installing an app from your computer to HTC ChaCha

If you have application files (*.apk) on your computer, you can use HTC Sync to install them to HTC ChaCha. We strongly recommend you install only applications that you trust.
Note: Before you begin, make sure that HTC ChaCha is set to allow applications from your computer to be installed toHTC ChaCha. To do this, press while on the Home screen, tap Settings > Applications, and then select the Unknown sources check box.
  1. On the Device panel, click Overview.
  2. Click Application installer.
  3. Browse for the application file on your computer, and then click Open. The installation process starts on HTC ChaCha.
  4. Check the screen on HTC ChaCha to see if there are additional instructions to complete the installation.
  5. After installation is complete, you can click Disconnect.
  6. Safely remove HTC ChaCha as required by your computer's operating system.
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