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Sending a multimedia message (MMS)

Sending a multimedia message (MMS)

To compose a multimedia message, start by creating a new text message. Then choose the type of attachment to include in your message.
  1. From the Home screen, tap > Messages.
  2. On the All messages screen, tap New message.
  3. Fill in one or more recipients. You can:
    • Enter complete phone numbers directly in the To field. Press the Enter key after entering each phone number.
    • Enter the first few letters of a contact name or starting digits of a mobile number. As you enter, matching names with phone numbers from your stored contacts are displayed. Tap a name or one of the contact’s number.
    • Tap , and then select the phone numbers of the contacts to whom you want to send the message. You can also select contact groups as recipients. When you have selected all the message recipients, tap OK.
  4. To add a subject line, press MENU, and then tap Add subject.
  5. Tap the box that says Tap to compose, and then enter your message.
  6. Press MENU, and then tap Attach.
  7. On the Attach window, select from the following file attachments:
    Picture Select Camera to take a photo and attach it, or Pictures to attach a photo from your storage card.
    Video Select Camcorder to capture a video and attach it, or Videos to attach a video from your storage card.
    Audio Select Voice Recorder to make a voice recording and attach it, or Music & sounds to attach a music file or voice recording from your storage card.
    Location Add your current location (requires GPS to be turned on), a location stored in Footprints, or a location you pick on a map to your message. For more information about GPS, Maps, and Footprints, see Maps and location.
    Contact (vCard) Select a contact, and then select the information to attach.
    Appointment (vCalendar) Select the calendar event you want to attach.
    Slideshow See Creating a slideshow.
  8. Tap Send to send the message immediately, or press BACK to save it as a draft. To open and edit a draft message, see Resuming a draft message.

Creating a slideshow

In a multimedia message, you can add slides, each containing a photo, video, or audio.
  1. In the multimedia message you’re composing, press MENU, and then tap Attach > Slideshow.
  2. On the Edit slideshow screen, tap Add slide.
  3. Tap Slide 1.
  4. To compose your slideshow, do any of the following:
    Add a picture Tap Insert picture.
    Add a video Press MENU, and then tap Add video (you cannot add both a picture and a video on the same slide).
    Add music or a voice recording Press MENU, and then tap Add music.
    Add a caption Tap the box that says Tap to compose.
    Add a new slide Tap Add slide.
    View the next or previous slide Tap or .
    Preview your slideshow Press MENU, and then tap Preview.
    For more options, press MENU, and then tap More.
  5. When finished, tap Done to attach the slideshow to your message.
  6. Tap Send to send the message immediately, or press BACK to save it as a draft.
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