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great phone

I love this phone, it's been great. The only complaint I have is that the older it gets the Less battery life it holds. I've had this phone for 3 wonderful year almost 4. My next pho e will be a HTC also. Pics are great, music sounds great...just a all around great phone. Ohh it did get a bunch of cracks in the outer shell like someone else said in their review. Not a big deal to me tho.

Liberty Smith

Don't buy..

I've had this phone for nearly 2 years, and I cannot wait to get rid of it. In the first month of owning the phone, small cracks began to appear on the cheap looking plastic border surrounding the screen. I ignored them at first however they began to get worse, and I now have a missing piece of plastic next to the volume button from where it cracked so much it fell off. The phone itself is slow, constantly freezing and directs me to scam pages or adverts on the internet. It runs out of charge incredibly fast, and android is, unfortunately, very ugly to look at. The only positive points are the fact that the camera is of very good quality and so are the speakers. I bought this phone due to wanting a change from the usual iPhone, but that's where I'll be heading straight away for my next upgrade.


Worst phone ever

didn't want to give any stars. Had been looking to get HTC m8 but they hadn't got the colour I wanted so they are told me this one was basically the same so went for HTC one mini. Worst decision I ever made. Everything about the phone is crap. Never will I get a HTC. Should of stuck with Samsung!


Great phone with few flaws

Love it, absolutely great apart from the battery life seems really short and the camera in dark conditions turns to a pinky colour around it the edges and continues to the centre, unless you use flash, which I usually don't, e.g. nightclubs ect apart from this, all is good


Going strong for 1.5 years

I have had the phone since October of 2013 and I have yet to struggle with dropped calls or most of the issues people speak of. I am a hard core phone user and it lasts me all day. The battery can be finicky if you have bad WiFi / Bluetooth connection and will die rapidlu but it performs beautifully for me. I wouldn't change it


Worst phone I've ever had

Neither of my HTC minis has been reliable. My first one eventually froze up completely after about 8 months and had to be replaced. The replacement is only marginally better. It's slow, it freezes, it does what it wants to do, randomly opens apps that I didn't touch; flash photos always have a light-strike on the image, and I can't wait until my contract expires and I can get a new phone, which will be any other brand but HTC. It's a shame; my first smartphone was another HTC model and it worked beautifully well past its contract expiration. This one was definitely not a step up and has put me off the brand for good.


wouldnt buy this phone again

This phone seemed amazing at first it had better feauters than the iphone but i have had it for around 6 months and its always freezes, the lock button works when it wants too, the message never send, and the other day i was holding my phone and heard a pop sound and then noticed my screen smashed and then was making craking and popping sounds and you could see it in the screen. No pressure was applied simply holding it in my hand. And also the battery life at the start was amazing never had to charge my phone everyday but now its always running out after a day. Nothing special at all


wouldnt buy another

Wouldn't recommend to anyone ive had the one mini for less than 6 months and its one of the wost Phones. The plastic round the side is splitting, the speaker cover at the bottom has fallen off and now the speaker doesn't work so I'm unable to speak to people on the phone. The screen types on its own which makes it really hard to type or use the phone. The battery will die even without using the phone.


Brilliant phone!

I love this phone I have had it over a year now and I have not had any problems with it untill now! Yeah there maybe some slight cracks round the edges but no smashed screen! With the amount of times I have dropped this phone I'm surprised... the camera unfortunately has started to make buzzing sounds and vibrating while trying to zoom , not sure what caused it but will be sending it to be checked but other than that this phone is brilliant especially if you drop your phone a lot


Not the greatest of phones

I thought I'd wait a month before writing a review to give me chance to get used to it. This replaced a HTC Windows phone. Very pleased that I changed however I'm not blown away by the phone. Video playback via YouTube or I player is dull and grainy which surprised me. The music player is not great and the boom sound is not great either. The worst aspect though is the battery. So poor it hardly lasts 15 hours between charges. Should be so much better for a phone of this type. I keep a charger at work and in the car as it's so poor. Finally you have to get a case. The phone looks great but it's so smooth it slips out of your hands.