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HTC Desire 500 Avis

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Excellent Phone with a poor Battery

HI friends this ph is super but battery is very poor if you are hardcore user you need to charge twice a day their no laggy on this desire 500 and gud looking phone slim and sleek design the sound quality is super with beats audio., well whatever in this . at this price point this phone is best.



This is my first HTC . Build was great and the plastics were awesome, Horrible battery lets me down. Has some software glitches. have to hit the service center with in few months of using it becasue of software issues. No complaint on hardware except battery capacity. Sleek and premium feel,


A good phone for daily use

I had two HTC phones before this, and I think that this is the best HTC phone I ever had. It has a very good processor, an amazing camera, a good display, and a perfect sound quality with headphones. The only flaw is that it has a bad battery life, but mainly it's a good phone for daily use


Very Impressive

This phone is very good for its price. The looks of this phone are amazing, but the battery is not that good though. And also when you play a game for like hour straight it will heat up. But the price and the processor are very good.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Good Phone With Bad Battery Life, Heating issues and yet to UPDATE SOFTWARE.

HTC Desire 500. phone have good quality camera.. have ease of access to all its functions.. Phone is based on Android version 4.1.2... after 5 months of launching HTC have failed to provide the software updation.. Playing games in this mobile have a problem with battery back up... if you play game for 10-15 mins battery goes down by more than 10%( depend upon the game e.g. If you Play candy crush saga in 5 mins battery goes down by more than 10%). And another issue is its heating.. if u use phone for more than 10-15 minutes phone gets heated... i have compared my Phone with HTC's other Phones and other company's phone it gets more heated up.... if you want listen songs at full Volume on your headset its performance is poor.... So before taking this phone think twice..


it is worth to buy this Model

I had used many smart phone but this Model is simply superb, but it has some Disadvantages 1. Battery Backup is poor You need to charge the phone twice a day 2. camera shutter speed is low Advantages 1. Looks - very nice easy to operate and hold 2. camera quality is very good low light sense is awesome (f 2) 3.Touch sense is awesome 4. sound quality is very good (headset, earpiece, loudspeaker )

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

aftr using of 20 minutes in 3G+ gaming heat spread in mobile...great front &rear it now:)

i bought mobile in december but there is not hanging problem till nowdays great speed camera....& blinkfeed i love only batery back up is low so connect to the charger twice or more in a day....overall satisfied:)

Baranya, Magyarorsz

Very poor battery

This phone is great, but the battery is useless. If I play 10 minutes any kind of game, the battery drops down 10 percent. I have to charge it everyday. Or some very hard optimization is missing. Hope the next update will fix this. How is this: Desire 500(quad core cpu): 1800 mah battery. Desire 501 (dual core cpu): 2100 mah battery. Why is NFC service running, there is no NFC in the phone?

Galway, Ireland

Very Impressed

Quick story - had an iPhone, iPhone was stolen, real twilight kind of stuff. Anyway as it wasn't insured I wasn't entitled to a replacement. I really didn't want to spend 500e+ on a phone so I bought a Sony Xperia J.... This lasted a week, slow, poorly made, poor camera, good user interface but just not up to scratch and for 200e I expected a lot more. So for the last few months Ive gone from phone to phone finding issue with all of them. Basically up until purchasing this HTC Desire 500. The phone cost me 219e PAYG but with an 8mp camera and quad core processor I was surprised not to part with more. With 4GB memory declared but only 1GB available I hastily invested in an 8GB SD card but perhaps more vital was the enveloping case with soft screen protector as the Desire 500 does not come with a scratch resistant screen, these extras totalling in 35e and bringing the cost of the Desire 500 up to 255e make it one of the best phones I have ever had. The quad core processor makes every task seem effortless, with


Good phone for it's price

Camera - The camera is not excellent, but it's still with good quality. Video - same. For me it's enough, I personally don't need more. It does my work. Sound Quality - Beats audio is excellent, the sound is loud and it's quality is very good. On headphones - simply amazing. Ease of Use - The HTC Sense 5.0 UI is simply to use and it's fast. I haven't got any problems. I'm using the phone for about 4 months by now. Battery Life - Well, here is the biggest minus for this phone. If you're a heavy usage smartphone user, this phone is NOT for you, mainly because of the battery. If you like playing games, watching movies, listening to music, surfing the web all day, the battery will go down for less than 12 hours. Look and feel - I personally like it, it's shiny and good looking. Also the button spots are convenient.