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Poor Quality

I bought this case at the HTC center in HongKong in March 2014. It just went dead by September 2014. It just stopped working. I used regular charging on it ; i didn't even drop it.its quite expensive for this kind of poor quality case. I wouldn't recommend it ; it doesn't give much to helping it extend the battery.

Pocatello, ID, USA

No protection

I bought this case thinking it would not only offer the extra battery power but it would offer 360 degree protection if I drop my phone. This was not the case(no pun intended). The screen cover fro this is the extra battery. Which is great. IF it does any good when you drop it. We tested this and dropped the phone from 6 feet onto pillow. EVERY SINGLE TIME the phone landed Screen down wide open. The front face needs to clip shut it just kind of flaps there. I was ver very dissapointed in this. The extra battery life is FANTASTIC and having the stand is GRAND. but the protection offered is not good enough. Sent the product back. :(

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Phone is not displaying the Plus sign near to the battery icon

I am using this power flip case from one week, as per the videos at Youtube and Official website, it's not showing me the + sign near to battery icon in Top right of the display, rather it shows a + sign in a rectangular box(battery) i n Top Left of my phones display.Is this is a normal behavior . Kindly post this review don't disappoint me. I need to get clear of this.Thanks a lot in advance

New York, NY, USA

Must-Have Accessory for the One Max

You really can't go wrong with the HTC Power Flip Case. It provides protection, extra battery, and acts as a stand. The Power Flip Case also doesn't make my One Max that much bigger. My favorite feature is definitely the extra 1200 mAh boost. The case also doesn't cover up the boomsound speakers. I can still listen to my music even when it is covered up. This is definitely a must-have accessory for the HTC One Max. Thanks HTC for letting me test it out!

Florida, USA

Perfect accessory for extra battery life!

HTC sent me a PowerJacket to try out and after for a couple of weeks I


How do i live without you?

I honestly cannot believe I went that long without having this extra case. At first I thought it was clunky, chuncky and only moderately attractive. Now I love it. I literally only need to charge my phone once every 3 days on moderate use (1 hr of netflix streaming each day). This is insane. The more I use it the more I love it. It doesn't really add that much to the device compared to the flip case; but again, if you've got the htc one max, it's not like size is an issue. If you don't have it, I strongly suggest it. Taking the flip case an extra step with this product is a homerun. I hope all htc phones get this accessory!

Chicago, IL, USA

Awesome case

HTC was kind enough to send me a Power Flip Case and an HTC One max to test out, and I cannot overstate how impressed I am with both. The HTC One max is already a large device, so the Power Flip Case isn't something I will use on a daily basis, but I certainly will use it whenever I travel and need the extra battery power. The fold out cover (where the battery is) doubles as a stand, which I often use to prop up the phone when watching videos or listening to music on the device. The added battery power (1200 mAh or so) adds significant life to the device, and has helped me reach a person best of 4 days up time on my device. Unreal. The case adds a bit of thickness to the phone, as you might imagine, and it isn't as comfortable to tote around in my front pocket every day. Because of this, I normally do not use it, but as soon as I go for a weekend getaway it's right back on my phone, keeping me powered enough to navigate, take pictures and video, listen to music or watch videos on the go. It's a must have a

Charlotte, NC, USA

HTC Power Flip Case Is Flippin

I have to admit was hesitant at first about the HTC Power Flip Case for the HTCOnemax. I

Atlanta, GA, USA

Very nice case indeed

First and foremost I would like to thank htc for providing me this accessory to test out. The htc power flip case is a professional looking case that doubles as an extended battery and stand for media consumption. While providing decent protection in the event of a fall it also adds about half a days worth of power. When using this case I would say my average use goes from about 36 hours without it to more than 48 hours while using it. I used to have my device on the charger when not in use but with the power case, there is no way I am running out of juice anytime soon. I also like the fact that the case can be used to prop the phone up in the event that I want to view whatever random media I am feeling at that time. All in all, its a wonderful case that serves its purposes very well.

Orange County, CA

Charge on the Go with EASE!

HTC sent me the Power Flip Case to test and we have become fast friends over the last couple weeks. Size This is a major plus for the HTC Power Flip Case as the battery does not add much onto the size of the HTC One Max.