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dot view never works on 620g

Disappointed.poor sound quality


htcdotviewnot working with 620g

I bought a dot view cover for my new htc 620 g but its not working,no motion at all when a message or call is coming, i m not able to receive or reject the calls through this dot view , i kindly request htc to work on it and fix it


Really cool but very pricey

I am not a hug case fan. I like a naked phone. But this case is my only exception. It gives a really good feel in the hand and the dot view is really useful at school just to check for notifications. Sensor on the case is responsive and is really cool to show friends. The flap is a little stiff at first but does get looser after a while of use. It's also useful to sleep my phone since the power button is up top and I don't want to do a shimmey up my phone to shut it off and put it in my pocket. I just wish there was more third party app integration. For a price like this I expected this to work with a lot of my apps but I guess because this is such a new concept I shouldn't really complain. Do I recommend this? Yes but I feel like it is a no because it is very expensive for a case and I feel it really doesn't fit the price range. I feel if you have the money get it if not you aren't missing much from a full experience of the HTC with this case. I was just lucky enough to buy it for a cheaper price

Miami, FL, USA

It's great.... half the time

I recently received a replacement m8 for the one I had previously for another reason that's for another day, anyways, my retailer was kind enough to give me brand new dot view to replace the one I had before (that was perfect, but I accepted because they were nice enough to offer) and they gave me the one I currently have. It fits loosely on the phone, the duo camera cut out doesn't line up with the camera quite exactly and there isn't a cut out for the LEDs on the back where in contrast, the one that I had previously fit like a glove and had all the cut outs AND they were in their respective places. So far, I've had a 50% success rate with HTC. My first M8 had a defect where it wouldn't be able to make calls so I had it replaced, now the one that I have currently works like a charm while the dot view case I had previously was perfect in every way and the one I have now doesn't stand anywhere near the one I had before. I URGE who ever reads this to make sure to tell one of the higher ups to tighten quality co

Kent, UK

dot view disapointment

I changed from the HTC one mini up to the m8 due to needing the bigger screen for some of the app software I use for my job and to protect my investment the case looked ideal and fun, however, I am now reverting back to the mini. I have not dropped this phone but within 2 months I have a fine crack in the screen from top to bottom, an issue covered under warranty in America but not here in the UK, I would have thought the stiffness of this cover would stop any flexing and avoid this. The matrix leaves a grid on the screen which needs cleaning off regularly and is also a haven for dirt. Finally, it does not protect the camera lens on the back and so that will get easily wrecked... So what's the answer, after all these are problems I never had in the 4years of using BlackBerry? 1 put in a waterproof sailing pouch, not really viable... 2. Don't use it, hmmm. 3. Stick it in a thick pair of socks, double benefit when your feet are cold you've got a spare pair but then you need to wrap your phone in a handkerc



Great case ! Love it.......I'm trying to order ANOTHER as I type my review.....

Montrose, Angus, UK

out of this world

The Dot view is an amazing bit of technology for my HTC one M8 it adds more class and brings my phone to life even more and I love to show my friends and family which they all go WOW that's AWESOME. It shows that HTC has worked on ever single bit of detail of the phone and not left any bit out. I recommend it highly, it protects my screen and speakers very well so it does the job for me.

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Innovation & Protection

Once you happen to grab hold of this original dot view case.. you would soon realize it's worth & efficiency! Brilliant & yet simple UI idea! HTC rocks :)

Orlando, FL, USA

Pretty Cool Case

I have only had this case for a few weeks but so far so good. I have the Windows version of the HTC M8 and there was an offer for a free XBOX version of the case. I am typically not a case guy at all and have found them pretty useless for my other phones. I had an HTC 8X prior to this for 4 years and never a scratch or a problem and I never used a case. Pros: The HTC M8 is a beautiful phone but it is slick and a case is needed because I keep thinking it is going to slip out of my hands and this case feels great and it does not slip. It is also very cool. People are always asking about it and has become a good ice breaker and it also allows me to introduce people to Windows phones. Cons: I hate the flap/cover. You have to lift it open to text and there is no place for your left hand to go. It has become awkward to text/type unless I turn to landscape and then the flap keeps dropping down on top of my fingers. I worry about bending it back around the phone as it seems that would cause the cover to not sit flu

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Best Case ever had

Okay.... so I am seeing lots of M8 Reviews for Dot View. But I have something different to share to. HTC Dot View using it on my HTC Desire 820... First of all I am from India, and the city I am living neither any big retailer nor HTC official store owners have HTC Dot View Case... So I am little disappointed.. After all my hard efforts I finally found it from one Local HTC Retailer.. at a very cheap price... Just $2. (Rs. 1000) About the Product.. The first thing that would pop out from your mouth is "WOW" HTC Dot View case on my HTC Desire 820 looks amazingly awesome when notifications pops up, Calls come in, Messages coming in, emails, alarms, weather, music, even from the latest update from HTC, We can also see the Third party applications like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. The quality of the plastic is good... I can't say best as it should have been better... Some of the Cons: The major cons would be the location for Front Camera used in HTC Desire 820.. It's not exactly the same as HTC One M8 where we can se