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    This software update is intended for the HTC Desire HD and users should not update or attempt to load this version on any other device as it may cause serious issues/damage. The update will be downloaded over the air, also known as Firmware over the air (FOTA). This means you don’t have to connect your phone a computer to update the phone.

    Please note that during the update process, your user data will be retained, however, we still advise you to back up your information, including contacts and calendar appointments. You can use HTC Sync to back up your information..

    This software will be installed over the air through your data connection on your phone. You may choose to update via Wi-Fi if a Wi-Fi hotspot is available. You will get a notification on your phone saying that you have an update available.

    What’s included?
    • Gingerbread Upgrade


    You will need to have this software version to: 1.84.661.1 Release Key
    To update to the latest version: 2.43.661.1 Release Key

    To check what version you have, from the Home screen.
    1. Press Menu
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select About phone
    4. Select Software information
    5. Check Build number
    The HTC Desire HD is designed to check for a firmware updates every 14 days. This is done automatically. You can also check for the Software update manually. Go to Settings > About phone > System software update > Check now. The firmware update is also designed to retain user information. Most user information will be retained. However, we still recommend you perform a backup before you proceed with the update. A Micro SD card is necessary for the update to work. Your memory card should have at least 300 megabytes of free space. If a software upgrade is available, you will get the following message:

    « A system update is available, would you like to download the following system software »

    Note : This is a data intensive update, if you don’t have an unlimited data plan we suggest you perform the download using Wi-Fi

    You will have the option to download the software Now, or download when you connect to Wi-Fi, or cancel. If you cancel, the device will check again in 14 days or you can manually check for the update.
    1. Assuming you have chosen to download the software now or with Wi-Fi you will be notified when the download is complete and ready to install.
    2. You will be prompted to Install Now, or Install Later. Choose Install Now. If you don’t want to install the software immediately, you can Install Later. The install option will always be in the notification bar.
    3. The device will reboot into Recovery mode and the software update will begin. The software update takes approximately 10-15 minutes.
    4. You may notice that during the update process, the progress bar might remain still for a period of time. This is normal. Once the installation is complete, the phone will reboot and your update will be complete.

    What is Firmware over the air (FOTA)?
    Firmware over the air or FOTA is a convenient way of updating the system software of your android phone. It doesn’t require the device to be plugged into a computer to perform the update. It also allows the phone to retain user information like contacts, calendar, emails, text messages and more.

    How does FOTA work?
    The HTC Desire HD routinely checks for software updates. When a software update is available, the phone notifies the user that a new software update is available and prompts the user to download the update file to the phone. Once the user has downloaded the update file, which gets stored into the memory card, the device prompts the user to install the update. After the installation is complete the phone reboots and the device is updated.

    What happens if the downloading breaks in the middle?
    The download manager is capable of resuming a download. If the downloading is interrupted because of data connection loss, or the user turns off the device, the download will resume as soon as the next data connection comes back.

    What happens if the installation breaks in the middle?
    The FOTA installation is performed in the Recovery mode; there is no way for users to interrupt the process unless the device runs out of battery. In such cases the device can still reboot into Recovery mode and restart or resume the installation when the battery is back.

    What is the FOTA behavior in roaming mode?
    In roaming mode if the data connection is through 3G/GPRS, all check-ins and downloads will be blocked. If Wi-Fi connection is available then the checking and downloading can still work.
  • HTC Sync
    You can use HTC Sync™ to synchronize Outlook contacts and calendar or Outlook Express contacts (Android & HTC Smart)and the bookmarks of web browser between your computer and your phone(Android). It also lets you install third-party Android applications on the phone, and bring your photos, videos, documents, songs, and playlists to your phone (Android).