The HTC Sense keyboard

The HTC Sense keyboard

Typing is fast and accurate with the HTC Sense™ keyboard.
  • Turn on the Trace keyboard so you can enter words by just sliding your finger from one letter to another.
  • You can type words by just speaking.
  • Predictive text also saves typing time. As you type, you'll see word suggestions that you can choose from. You can even add more words to the predictive text dictionary.
  • Just swipe right to access the numeric and symbol keyboard. Or swipe left to switch between languages.
  • The keys have secondary numbers, punctuation symbols, or other characters that you can quickly insert without having to switch to the numeric and symbol keyboard.

    For example, the first row of keys has numbers. Just press and hold a key to insert a number.

  • Choose from a selection of smileys and insert one right from the keyboard.
  • Show or hide navigational arrow keys on the keyboard. If you enable the arrow keys in Settings, they will only appear on the portrait keyboard.

And since everyone has their own typing style, you can go to Settings to calibrate the keyboard so it learns how you type.

For more details on using the HTC Sense keyboard, see Using the onscreen keyboard.

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