Want some quick guidance on your phone?

Want some quick guidance on your phone?

Learning the basics with Quick Tips

After your phone starts, you'll see a transparent overlay of Quick Tips on some screens (such as the Home screen) that will guide you in using HTC One X‍+. The tips for a screen won't display again after you've closed them.
To view the Quick Tips again, slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap > About > Help > Show all quick tips.

Exploring HTC One X‍+

Tips & Help lets you get the most out of HTC One X‍+ in seconds.
  • Need to know how to do something right away? Just type in some keywords and get clear, up-to-date answers right on HTC One X‍+.
  • Ever have the feeling that you're not getting the most out of your phone? Browse through the friendly walkthroughs on Tips & Help to learn how. The topics range from intro to advanced and the Tips & Help widget even recommends topics that you might like.
To open Tips & Help from the Home screen, tap > Tips & Help.
If you haven't downloaded Tips & Help content yet, or if there's updated content available, just tap the download link to get it.
Tip: To change the sync settings of Tips & Help, tap > Update settings.

Searching Tips & Help

  1. In Tips & Help, tap , and then enter the words you want to search for.
  2. Tap a search result to jump straight to that item.
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