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Windows Phone 8X by HTC (bleu) Avis

Rated 4.9 out of 5 by 22 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Update I wrote a review of this phone back in December that mentioned the random reboot issue. I have to come back and say that with the last update this issue has been completely fixed. I have not had a single reboot since and I am still in love with my phone. March 14, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Beautiful Phone! While very functional and capable, this phone's biggest claim to fame is it's amazing design. I have never held a phone that is it's equal. SOUND QUALITY: Sound quality is really good on this phone. While I think the beats thing is a bit gimmicky, it doesn't change the fact that of the 4 smartphones I've had over the years (and media players) this cranks out the loudest, and clearest sound. That includes call quality too! (it is phone after all). If sound quality is important to you, take this phone very seriously. CAMERAS: Front facing camera is the best on the market bar none. Rear facing camera is very good too, but not quite as good some others I've used (though pretty darn close). SCREEN: Screen is just the right size for me (though some may find 4.3" too big). Screen is what you would expect from top-tier smartphone and is one of the best from a color accuracy/brightness/glare perspective. The resolution is plenty high, giving this a great crisp display (though not retina, I can't notice the difference even when holding it right up to my face - I did this with an iPhone4s). DESIGN: I love the shape and feel of the phone, it fits so nice in my hand, and in my pocket since it has a nice slim tapered body. The color is very eye catching (mine is the blue one) and EVERYONE I know comments on how striking it is. BATTERY: Battery is average. Easily gets through the whole day for me, though not 2. DURABILITY: I don't use a case (doesn't really need one because of the gorilla glass on the front and whatever you call that grippy material on the back). Had it for about a month now and it's actually taken a few mild tumbles onto the floor. Not even a scratch on it so I'm pretty impressed so far. If you're considering this phone, all you need to do is hold one in a store and you'll probably like it. MY ONE GRIPE: Windows Phone 8 aside (it's still maturing), this phone has all the bells & whistlers save one important one for me - a microSD slot. It's true that with cloud storage it's not as important to me as it used to be, but I still miss having one. OS: Windows Phone 8 is very very easy to use and pretty intuitive, it does offer more out of the box than Android/iPhone IMHO, but still has to catch up in the app department. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I would challenge anyone to actually use it before dismissing it as you will probably be pleasantly surprised on how nice WP8 is to use - as someone who has had iOS & android stuff, I was quite impressed and look forward to seeing how the OS progresses. I will say that there are one or two apps I do miss from Android (my previous phone) February 7, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 Exceptional Phone Pros: Beautiful design, feels incredible to hold in my hands. The texture of the back in unlike any other phone I have ever owned. The size of the phone is perfect, making it very easy to interact with. Integration of Beats Audio makes a world of difference, especially when I plug it into my home theatre system. HTC apps for Windows OS make the phone easier to adjust to and use on a day to day basis. Buttons are easy to use, especially the camera button on the side of the phone. Cons: Camera is on par. It is no better than any other camera I had used, yet it is still a great camera. No separate volume adjustment for ringer and media (could be a windows phone issue in general). Overall: I highly recommend this phone if you are ready to make the switch to Windows Phone. This is the flagship phone, and will receive updates first, which is just another reason in an already sold case. This is by far the most jaw-dropping phone I have ever seen, and the specs don't disappoint. I have never had any lag (as a hard-core user too), nor have I been stuck waiting for it to boot up. People always stop to ask what phone it is, because it is so incredible to look at. Windows phone is a great OS, and is a beautiful match for the hardware. February 5, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Smooth and Beautiful! Truly an awesome phone to hold an use! The 8X fits so smoothly in your hand as the rounded corners and Gorilla Glass screen seem to almost be made of a solid piece of magic. The Polycarbonate body has a nice texture that doesn't feel cold like metal or lifeless like most plastic. Very organic feeling. There has been no need for me to use a cover as I didn't want to mess with the overall look and feel of the phone except I did find it easier to keep it clean (as with any device) as dirt and grime will eventually begin to show. Thankfully HTC makes colour matched hard cases as it would be a shame to hide such beautiful and unique coloured phones. The inclusion of a dedicated shutter button is a great and welcome addition and can also be set to wake the phone to capture images almost instantly. Very handy if you have kids or are trying to capture a moving target quickly. If you like music (who doesn't) you'll appreciate the Beats Audio especially if you have a good set of headphones to maximize your listening pleasure. Overall an unbeatable (see what I did there?) choice for your next phone. Even my die hard eyePhone friends have made the switch and are happy they have. :) February 5, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Awesome phone, leaves very little to be desired The WP 8X by HTC is no doubt an amazing device. First things first, I am not here to criticize the Windows Phone 8 Operating system, just the phone itself The device has everything you need, a great screen (which for me is the perfect size), decent battery life (It always gets me through a day), fast processor (I am never left waiting for the phone to catch up, it always flows along right with me), a great camera that's all you'll ever need from a smartphone and a beautiful design that attracts plenty of attention As mentioned before, the screen is of very high quality, everything looks great and it is the perfect size for me, out of all other screen sizes. From 3.5'' to 4.8'' , 4.3'' is the best mix of usability and readability, i never feel it is too big or too small. The glass is also very durable, after a trip into a rusty, old metal mechanical couch, the phone escaped with very minor damage while any regular phone (without gorilla glass) would probably have smashed to bits in there. The battery on this device is comparably small but the OS is very efficient and the (relatively) smaller screen and slower processor are enough to power the device without draining the battery. I easily get through a day with moderate use and 20% or more left to spare The processor isn't the fastest (with two cores, many high end smartphones are running of four cores now) but the phone doesn't need them. The experience is snappy and fluid all around, I have no complaint's with speed or loading times. Nowadays it seems everyone is making the switch from a digital camera to their smartphone camera. The camera on the 8X won't beat out the competition but it will take photos just as nice. The camera is comparable to that of most smartphones taking relatively crisp and bright shots. The front camera makes all the difference, coming from just about any smartphone you will be thrilled with the front camera on the 8X, very wide angle and detailed pictures. I love having the physical button on the side that launches the camera from anywhere, even a locked phone, I never have to take my gloves off to snap a photo in winter again, everything can be done in a few seconds with two quick presses of the camera button. Lastly the design, the 8X is often regarded as being in the top 5 best ever smartphone designs (if not the very top). I have to agree that HTC did a marvelous job with this phone. The materials feel premium and the curvature make it very comfortable to hold and have the effect that the phone is much thinner than it really is. The design is an attention hog but there are a few downsides. The buttons (especially power, sleep/wake) is a little to flush with the body, making it difficult to locate and press in one try, if there was one this I could change about this phone, i would put the button on the side and have it stick out a bit more. Overall the Windows Phone 8X is a winner in my book, if the only complaint you have is the button being a bit hard to push, then you obviously have a winner in your hands February 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best WP8 Experience I love my HTC 8X. Everything is amazing on it, I literally can't describe it all. The camera is as good as the Lumia's for stills, the screen is sharper than the iPhones, the sound with beats audio actually makes a difference, and it is so good looking. People will ask me to hold it and try to take the 'case' off, not realizing that its the phone itself! Also, it looks a lot thinner than it really is because it has sort of a pyramid like construction. Its also really tough... perhaps not like a Nokia, but I have dropped it many times so far and the gorilla glass and the soft body remain scratch less. Highly recommend! January 30, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by I have found love. Initially, I was apprehensive about making the switch from my BB Bold - I'd had it for over 3 years, and would have chosen buttons over touch screen, any day. But now I'm here, I'm never going back. With the Windows Phone 8 OS, I feel like I've stepped into a new era. Even my Apple Fan-Boy Boyfriend had to admit, it's a beauty. Although it is taking some getting used to, the platform is so simple and user-friendly, it's been as easy as pie. For me, the PROS are: The absolutely ah-mazing OS, the gorgeous exterior (I was scared about the colour, but now appreciate it to be a nice extra touch#, the way it fits so nicely in hand, and the customizability of the whole thing. The CONS: The camera is a tad bit of a let down #but I'm a big picture taker), the battery life is not as great as I was hoping for, and the automatic search engine is Bing. The App situation isn't as bad as I thought. I have found all the apps I need, and a few rather addicting games. I am looking forward to getting some of the more popular ones, though. And life is continuing to go on without Instagram. I love this phone. It's amazing. But don't take my word for it: you won't really know how great it is, until you hold one for yourself. December 28, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love this phone light, good battery life and with microsoft account access to cloud storage, music and growing app store. Had an Iphone but like this much better. December 27, 2012
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