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The best cellphone ever!!! love it!!! The only thing to improve is the audio, beats really just don't reach the level


Unable to call

Please look for another phone. This phone over the past few months have problems with calling. I am so frustrated and will never buy any HTC product again. Battery life is also awful and camera has a weird purple tint.


poor performance

I have had this phone for 6 months and I find it completely underwhelming. The typing is horrible and the auto correct is far worse than iPhones. I am not satisfied with it and would not recommend it.

Kevin G

I was SO disappointed, Should have stuck with a DNA

I was VERY disappointed with quite a few things. First the battery life was ridiculous, till an update fixed it. Then the camera was the worst I've had in any HTC, and they are all I've used in the last few years. I wish it had the cam from my old incredible the old 3g one. The sound wasn't very good when it came to listening to music. I managed to crack the screen within a month. I've NEVER cracked a screen before.... EVER... Still worked fine though. Just wasn't worth the upgrade. I've just noticed a store that still has new DNA's and I think I'll downgrade to an older but better phone. It was such a letdown. Sorry HTC but I think you really dropped the ball on this "ONE" The TV remote is fun to play with at places that have tv's that won't let you watch something good. So I just change it with my own remote. I do like the pretty blue color.


Couldnt ask for a better phone!

Only one word to describe this phone! INCREDIBLE! I've got 3 of these which I use for work. I got the first one when this phone first came out. Nearly 2 years later and its still as quick as it was when I first got it. I receive 20-30 phone calls a day and it just keeps on going. Most other android devices would have died by now but this has never let me down. Battery life is amazing. Beats audio makes this phone even better. One thing I can say about HTC, is that every time they bring out a new phone, you don't just see the difference, you feel the difference. Keep up the good work HTC.


Worst Camera Ever

Camera has a horrible purple/pink tint. Many others have complained about it and HTC refuses to do anything to resolve it. The software update does not resolve it. For the price point you expect minor flaws but you cannot take pictures if it is not brightly lit area. Your old flip phone with a 1.2 mp camera can take better pictures.



I have been using the AT&T Variant of the HTC One (M7) for 1 year now, and it's been outstandingly performable! The phone has yet to exceed what it's limits are, but from I can tell, the phone can pretty much do anything you throw at it, whether it is gaming, to daily use, the phone will exceed expectations. I have been researching Smartphones for 5 years now, and I still can't believe that this phone is the best. I thought the HTC Vivid was better (especially the camera, nice 8, or 12 :/, MP camera) but I was wrong. If you decide to get this phone get it. You can go for the HTC One M8 but I see no difference between the phones besides better CPU performance and other things. HTC One (M7) is the way to go.

Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Would recommend...but....

Great phone, so happy I made the jump from Apple to HTC! The one thing that absolutely ruins it for me is that horrible purple glow when taking a picture in low light conditions. It really is a deal breaker that puts me off recommending...


simply the best

I don't change smartphones every year, so, when i have to choose one I look carefully in order to buy the perfect one for me. In 2013 I was looking for quality manufacturing, stable internal system, few garbage preinstalled, a good camera and, most of all, the best performances during Internet navigation. I saw a lot of comparisons on internet (charts, reviews, videos..) between all the high level smartphones and HTC ONE was always the winner. Approaching 2015, still one of the best.

California, USA

best I've ever gotten

This phone has been the best phone I ever had. I plan to stick to htc because of this phone. The only problem is done I got this phone the camera had taken every picture pink. And once it hits the one year mark the performance fell extremely.